Saturday, January 28, 2012


Truly, I am trying.

I have just been busy.

But, the good news is I have been busy doing what I set out to do this year.

I have, for the first time in a LONG while, finally achieved a feeling of being "caught up" on house work. Either that, or I have lowered my standards. LOL! More on that, in a minute.

My laundry has been relatively caught up. I'm never in a state of totally caught up. I have to average about 2 loads a day to keep up. Last week, I got everything washed, folded, hung, and put away....only to have my hubby come home about 45 minutes later with about 2 loads of laundry. :-)

I have been teaching CPR. Not a lot, but enough. Meaning, it is working out how I prayed. It has worked out wonderfully with my family schedule. It is fun. AND, it is giving us some much needed added income. :-)

JBQ is keeping me busy, especially with my oldest son. We have been studying a lot. I help with the team, and I quizmaster the meets. I LOVE IT!

I have not been subbing.... which is nice. I love the kids, don't get me wrong. And teaching.... I miss teaching. But, subbing is hard for a certified teacher.... many reasons why, the least of which is the scheduling. At night, I plan my next day: grocery shopping, cleaning out the FTU, The Lobby and sushi with my dear friend, laundry, baking day.... whatever.... and BAM. You get a call at 6, or 6:30, or 7..... needing you right away. It turns 4 school lunches into 5. Suddenly, the 4 uniforms you have sitting out is not enough to make your morning easy.... you gotta find appropriate clothing, that you don't have time to iron..... no, this is much nicer. :-)

We had a lovely dinner last night with my niece, and her new hubby. Some of you remember the post that I put up "over there." We are moving on. If other parts of the family do not want to get on this particular band wagon, they don't need to. I'm not waiting for the "grown-ups" to facilitate a relationship.... because, remember, the "grown-ups" jacked it up to begin with.

I'm not bitter.... really.... I used to be pretty resentful about it all, but I'm finally OK with it, especially now that I am working to build those relationships. My boys adore them....and especially her hubby...who happens to be a pro baseball player.... HOW COOL IS THAT?

A surreal moment came last night when niece's DH got a phone call while here. He was asked where he was. He said, "We are at [DW's] aunt's and uncle's house." Just..... wow.

Last night, we also set up the chocolate fountain. It was a BIG HIT with the kids. Messy! Chocolate on the floor....all over the counter....and it was perfect. To dip, we had: pretzel rods, strawberries, marshmallows, angel food cake, and sugar wafers. DS#3 declared that we should set up the fountain at least once a month. I concur, whole-heartedly!

We have our 7th annual birthday bash coming up in a few weeks. Every February (the month of DH's and my birthdays) we invite some of our closest friends over.... The same 8 couples come out each year....we have a blast. The menfolk all go fishing for the day. (Those 3 other men are friends from elementary and middle school.) That evening, they return, bringing Mexican food. Their wives show up and we play games or visit.... the laughter is non-stop. We end the evening with promises of doing it again next year.

Speaking of birthdays: mine is in less than a week. And, my hubby is spoiling me, 'cause he's good like that. :-) I got some fabulous new blue suede platform pumps. (They have a 5-1/2 inch heel.) I am getting some Tom's. I will probably get a new dress to wear with the new pumps....'cause at this point, I have nothing to wear with them. :-) Plus, a Greek meal and a meal at Chipotle. Happy birthday to me!

Back to the beginning point: am I truly caught up? Or did I lower my standards? Yes, and yes. I finally....FINALLY reached a point where I allow myself to not have everything done, perfectly, at the same time. It took me several years to accept (I don't know if that is the right word) to realize that laundry NEVER ENDS! The housework NEVER ENDS!

I have tried schedules: certain days to do certain things. I have tried check lists. (Well, I still do checklists, because I LOVE checklists!) But, still...these things always leave me feeling defeated. I don't keep up with them like I anticipate.

Nope.... the secret (HA! as if you haven't figured this out yourself) is to take care of it when it needs taking care of. Of course, don't let things get to a grossness factor of 50. But, if you take care of it when it approaches.... I don't know.... grossness factor 27, then take care of. (Hey, I live in a house full of boys.... even my dogs are male, so a bit of grossness is expected.)

OK. I'm done. I've got nothing else. I know this isn't any type of "lightning bolt" moment. And, certainly, most of you have reached this point that I have taken OH, SO LONG, to approach. I'm slow to get on the train, but I usually get to the station on time.

I hope you are all doing well. I would love to read your comments. I hope to be back relatively soon.


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Catey said...

Chocolate fountain: please do yourself a favor and add gummy bears and oreos to the list!

Also those shoes would look fabulous with a pair of jeans! Not that you don't need a dress to go with them...just sayin' the versatility! :)