Friday, February 03, 2012


Sometimes, I think I know what I want to write.

Sometime, not.

I can't say that it is writer's block. I just feel that what I have to say is dull. I NEVER want to be accused of being dull.

For awhile, I just wrote stories of what was going on with the little boys. Since they are getting older, I don't have a lot of stories..... sure, the boys say funny things, and I share those, but there is usually not a story to go with it.

Some things, I am not at liberty to share because.... well, there are just too many people involved, and I am *sometimes* smart enough to NOT burn a bridge that I may need later.

I don't often have things to say that are inspirational. They are not profound. And, I doubt their entertainment value.

I used to obsess over how many hits I got on my many comments. Then, I got busy. Now, I don't worry so much. My numbers are OK, I guess. I don't know how much I average per day. I could check on my site meter, but every time I get the update, I delete it.

I read one blog where she does some housekeeping type stuff; lists and such, that I have really enjoyed..... she has an easy writing style....but, quite honestly, I'm getting a bit tired of it. She says a LOT of the same thing. I have read her for a few years now....and I haven't read anything new, in awhile. She does write quite a bit on religious issues. I don't necessarily disagree with her too much, BUT she is very legalistic....I think fundamental baptist.

I just don't know what direction to take this. It is hard for me to not have a scope.

What to do....what to do.....

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Ginger said...

I have been struggling with "writers block" myself. I have been for months. However, maybe it is a good thing. Have a good day!