Sunday, March 04, 2012


....a blog post, I mean. But, I forgot what all I was going to say. I know I was going to talk about the year 2011. (I know, it is a bit late.) I was also going to discuss "Me time."

Since I don't remember the points I was going to discuss....well, I will just try to put together some stuff. :-/

Let's see.... "me time."

Yeah.... right now, I pretty much don't. I don't say that to have someone feel sorry for me. I don't want someone to try to convince me that I need time to myself. I know that my thoughts are probably not shared by many. I just think that with the boys at the ages they are... well, my time is with them.

I have put my stuff on hold for years. And, I did/do it happily. Sure, there were things that I wanted to do....and didn't....for the sake of the boys. And, I didn't/don't do it begrudgingly. I have started to pick up things, as they boys have gotten older.

In a few short years, I will have nothing but "me time." It is hard being a tired mother. I think so many become... well, short-sighted. It is hard to see how quickly time flies, when you are so tired. I don't want to ever NOT be around for my boys. Soon, they will be doing their own thing.... I will not be needed, and in some cases, wanted around for things.

And, that's all I have to say about that. :-)

Last year:

Last year was a tough year. In fact, several times, I referred to it has our toughest year....but, I was convicted. Yes, last year was one of the toughest years, but last year also brought many, MANY blessings....miraculous blessings. Some of the blessings, we didn't even know to pray for. We would pray for big things, or so we thought. Now, looking back, and seeing what God did for us.... well, our prayers were small potatoes!

For example, our house. You can read about it here.

Another miracle. This post has several great things that happened to us.

Those are just a few things.... the sell of the house, insurance covering one of the surgeries, the surgeries themselves (well, 2 out of 3, anyway), new carpet, new air-conditioning, wonderful trips, celebrating 20 years of marriage..... all of this made even sweeter by the difficulties we went through.

So, 2011? It was a great year! A year filled with many, MANY blessings. The beautiful thing is that God's hand can be seen in every bit of it!

Have a great day, y'all!


Laurel Santiago said...

Anything worth doing is going to be hard. We've had a lot of hard, but worthwhile stuff happening during the past few years.

Laurel Santiago said...

I had to reread this post today, and make a new comment. A few years ago, I started praying in the shower, because it was the only place that I could have any time that was uninterrupted (most of the time). I started to see some really wonderful changes in our lives.