Saturday, June 02, 2012


You know, last time I did this, I thoroughly ticked some people off. :-( 

Oh, well.....wha'cha gonna do?

*First and foremost: Christmas stuff is already appearing in The Lobby. I am.... BEYOND EXCITED! I have already purchased a cran-apple candle and some "Merry Christmas" ribbon. Let the weekly pilgrimages begin!

*I wonder if kids know how their appearance affects people's perception of them? I mean, you have a nice looking kid who, for some reason, thinks it is cool to walk around like he's straddlin' a log. I guess the walk is necessary to help keep his pants up. He has a hand holding up the front of his britches, where a belt would be. And, then he gets upset because women clutch their purses a bit closer and move their children to the other side of the walk. Really? You don't understand? It's the Duck Rule. If you look like a punk, and you dress like a punk, I'm going to avoid you because I think you're a punk. Ooops....sorry....we were discussing ducks.

The truly sad thing about this is how the kids don't know any better. This is when a parent, uncle, teacher, or family friend should pull the kid aside and explain things a bit more. This whole "letting the kid find himself" is a crock of BS. 

*Swimsuit season is here. It was this post in which I last ticked folks off.

Wait....that can't be right. SURELY I have ticked folks off since.....

ANYWAY, with swimsuit season comes the friendly reminder that JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD! Also, just because your size number is in the tag, doesn't mean it was created for Remember, Mother Earth looks better in a one piece.

*I eat too much. 

What's worse is I know it's going to make me feel like crap. Yet, I keep eating. *sigh* Such a pitiful creature of habit, I am. :-( 

*I am not Superwoman. Nor do I pretend to be. I do not put my schedule on FB to be congratulated, or ooh'd and ah'd over. I do the things I do because they are important to me....and it comes at a sacrifice. The reason I (well DH) had 20 loads of laundry to do at 1 time is because I baked, and decorated, 21 dozen cupcakes and several large loaves of bread between May 17 and May 25th. 

*It is certainly sad when someone dies. I never want to say anything insensitive....I know, I know. It hasn't stopped me before. However, I don't intentionally insult people when suffering a personal loss.

Back to what I was saying: when someone dies, there are things of comfort that are OK to say. And, there are things that are just not right. We heard them when my mother-in-law died, when my Mam-ma died....and I see it posted when others die. Heaven does NOT get a new angel. I certainly do not believe that they are "still with us." Nor, do I think they are looking down on us from Heaven. I'm not saying they are not in Heaven. BUT, angels are celestial creatures created by God. We stay human. We (and by "we," I mean humans....or "fumans" as my son used to say) do not look down on people, or go *visit.* In Heaven, there are no tears. No death. No sorrow. No pain. No sin. If *we* look down, we would be saddened by the choices we see others make. 

*I think the reports of the cannibalism are demon possession.

*I have no clue how I'm going to vote this November. I would imagine that many born-again Christians are in the same quandary. I mean, do I vote to keep evil in the White House? Or do I vote to put the lesser of the 2 evils in the White House. Just. Sucks. 

*One week from now, I will know how my son, and his JBQ team did at Nationals in Orlando. We leave Thursday. Quiz Friday and Saturday. Go to Universal Sunday. Then, return Monday. As we speak, that same son is with his father in Oregon enjoying his special trip. The summer before 6th grade, our sons get to choose a place anywhere in the US (minus Hawaii and Alaska) to go. DS #1 chose NYC. DS #2 chose fishing and hiking in Oregon. 

*The CPR thing is going great. It does annoy me a bit that some seem to see it as less than a job. I don't discuss the money I make doing it. But, I will say this, when I teach at the community college, for only 4 hours, (and max of 10 students), I make more than my daily rate was at the school, under contract. 

Yeah....I would rather do this for awhile.

*I'm tired of headaches. I don't know if it's my cycle, my couch, or my pillow. Either way.....tired. 


I'm done.

Thank you.

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