Friday, July 06, 2012


I was debating writing about this....but since I just ticked off many (less than a month ago), I decided to give y'all a break. ;-)


Truly, I didn't feel led to post about the movie. It is gross, the idea of it all. *I know! I know!* "It's a beautiful story of how one overcomes....." blah, blah, blah.

I have a friend who said it wonderfully....she said that she went into the movie, happy to have a great night....and left feeling dirty. THAT, my friends, is what happens when the Holy Spirit convicts you.

HOWEVER, I am not on here to bash book or movie, but to share a link to a blog post that pretty much says what I feel.  Below is the title and 1st paragraph of said blog....the whole part is a *hot-link* so you can click and read the whole post.

Love y'all!

50 Shades of Magic Mike (In Which I Am VERY UNCOOL) 

This is a post that will not make me any friends, and will alienate some of my existing friends, and generally make me look like a complete stick-in-the-mud. Do people still say that? Stick-in-the-mud? How about killjoy/spoilsport/wet-blanket, etc? You get what I mean.

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