Sunday, April 07, 2013


This is the 2nd blog that I said I needed to write.....only I can't dump it like I really want. 


Well, some of the readers would be sensitive. (I know.....I can't believe it either. It seems weird that I would temper the delivery, huh?) order to unload, but still not so blunt?  I will do this "bullet style."  Some of you will understand a LOT more than others.

  • Hubby and I went to a funeral the other day.
  • I haven't spoken to the brother of the one who died, in years. 
  • I was supposed to be there.
  • I am glad I went.
  • My SIL, a niece, and a nephew were there.
  • Do you remember a few years ago my telling about my family?
  • Hang on.....let me find it.
  • this: CLEAN-UP
  • Come to find out, the guy who died, had a daughter.
  • The daughter's mother is THE OTHER SISTER!
  • Who?
  • The OTHER half-sister. 
  • My brother, T, has another sister. 
  • I have a brother from another mother.
  • He has a sister from a different mister.
  • WELLLLLL......
  • This is where it gets bat-poop crazy:
  • The daddy (the man who died) was treated like MY dad was. 
  • THEY (the same women that shafted me out of a brother, shafted this little girl out of her daddy.
  • I wonder what God has to say about that?
  • I mean..... really! HOW jacked up is THAT?
  • SO, at the funeral, my SIL, niece, and nephew come up and see the *black-listed member of the family......
  • Me
  • As we are talking, the OTHER aunt and cousin (the one whose daddy just died) approach.
  • My niece decided to introduce us.
  • You can imagine the awkwardness.
  • "This is ~LL~. She.....uh...."
  • And, here I go, being the quintessential ~LL~
  • "HI! I'm the OTHER sister."
  • heh
  • And, there you go.

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