Tuesday, September 17, 2013


OK....forget keeping up with the Joneses. I just have to keep up.....

It has been awhile....a LONG while since I have blogged. And, as my FB is about to be deactivated (another story for another day), I have promised that I would keep up, or at least TRY to keep up with this. 

I have nothing great to say tonight. I just want to give the 4-1-1 on what is going on in my house.

I went back to teaching. 

Many prayers. A few interviews. Lots of frustrations and *not* understanding. Finally resignation that I was NOT going to get a job.....and I got one. 

I am teaching 4th grade reading and social studies, and am about to pick up a science period. 

It's all good. 

They are old enough to not snot you. They USUALLY make it out of the room before they throw up. AND, I don't have to tie their shoes. On the other hand....they still cry, in some cases. 

So THAT takes all my time. 


Oh, did I tell you I got hired the Thursday BEFORE the Monday school started? 


And, did you further know that schools no longer use chalk?

Or that 7th grade math materials are useless....USELESS in a 4th grade reading classroom?

OR that there are nifty projectors connected to the laptop, so you don't have to use overheads and vis-a-vis? 


Did you know that to replace all that, it costs approximately $600? JUST for the minimum. That was just the first week. I have probably spent another $200-$400.

Oh....I have a Christmas tree in my classroom. Truth, folks!  It is a pre-lit gold Christmas tree right next to my bookshelves and 3 bean bags....it is my reading corner, and it is FABULOUS!!!

I am a bit dismayed because we are 98 days (and a few hours) from Christmas and I have not started any crafts, no cards....NADA!

I HAVE, however, picked a day for my pumpkin carving party and field day.

SO....in a nutshell.....that is it. I will not bore you with my schedule. Nor will I beat myself up over the fact that report cards are due Thursday at 4, I am not done, yet I sit and type. 

I know......

I'm sad.

Please leave me a comment. I miss knowing that people read.


Kaira said...

Good to see you blogging again. I found out this year that my birthday signifies 100 days until Christmas. This is cool. What is not cool is that it took me 38 years to learn that, and even then I only found out because a friend posted about it on her facebook page.

I love that you have a Christmas tree in your classroom. I'm looking forward to Christmas and am hoping this year I will actually mail my Christmas cards. :)

TinaF said...

welcome back to blogging. I always enjoy reading your blogs.
Sounds like life has been busy but a good busy. I look forward to reading more.