Thursday, December 28, 2006

Life Rules

Everyone has rules. There are rules, as in: "THOU SHALT NOT...." These rules are pretty common sense. I mean, it's not right to go out and shoot someone. The rules against lying and coveting are the ones that are so easily broken, I should think.

There are other rules, as in: "IT'S AGAINST THE LAW TO....." Again, you don't go shooting someone, though you don't get thrown into jail for lying to your mom. These rules can have some pretty severe consequences...from paying a fine to going to jail to going to "the bad place." (Here is where you get to put your fingers on top of your head....make little horns....and kind of growl in a sinister voice "the baaaad place!")

Then there are the rules that really have no serious consequence. These rules are more self-imposed. They come from personal experience, like when you touch a hot burner you learn to not do that again. The consequence was painful, but was experienced only once. This could be a life rule.

I have a few life rules that I would like to share. Some of these are...well, ALL of these, to my way of thinking, are common sense. It is almost laughable to think that some of you do not hold to such rules. However, to enlighten some and entertain others, I will post some of my life rules...and hopefully, a bit of reasoning behind it.

Life Rule #1: If you HAVE to smell stinks! For example: If you pick up a sock off the floor and you have to smell it to see if it stinks....well, YUCK! Just wash it anyway. What is ONE SOCK! This holds true for various other objects: undies, used dishrags, lunchmeat, MILK!

Life Rule #2: Do NOT...I NOT consume milk or other items past the date stamped on the carton or can. HELLO!!!! There is a reason there is a date on the milk. MILK GOES SOUR!!! Some see the date and, since the date has JUST passed, they believe they are in a "milk is OK" window. So what do they do? They smell it. PLEASE refer to Life Rule #1.

Life Rule #3: Always proofread your emails before you hit send. You do NOT want to sound like an idiot. Now...the word can be debated, so let me clarify. You do not want to seem like an uneducated moron because you forgot to hit spellcheck (let me assure you, I will be hitting that very button in about 4 minutes.)

Life Rule #4: ALWAYS double check your "to" box on emails. How embarrassing if Daddy were to read a seductive page of poetry meant ONLY for your beloved. (The thought is not only embarrassing, but a bit disturbing, as well.)

Life Rule #5: Be on time. I say this to myself and for myself. You do NOT want to get into a habit of being late all the time. With 4 kids, I know that it is difficult, and it is something I battle constantly. However, being late is a bad habit. Those who are always dealing with your lateness...well, they don't find you very trustworthy...I promise.

Life Rule #6. Be a TRUE friend. Sometimes that means offering advice. Sometimes it means shutting up. Be wise....learn when to shut your mouth and offer a shoulder. I have dealt with a few issues in which a person had a mouth too big for her head. How the name of friendship and "maturity" this person has alienated some and misled others. And in my book, she is not one whom I can and will trust.

Life Rule #7: Remember God gave us TWO ears and ONE mouth...there is a reason for that. Learn which to open up and when. *hint....when one is open, the other must be closed. Again...I am preaching to myself.

Finally, Life Rule #8: Pray every day. Pray to the point that prayer, and calling out to Jesus, becomes a natural reaction to any problem, big or small.

I will be back soon to post 6 oddities about myself....YES ONLY SIX! That is all I am required to post...I don't have to list them all! I have been tagged. I will probably tag the few other bloggers I know.

God bless you into the coming new year!

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Mommy Spice said...

So I'm thinking about #1 and remembering how many times I find D.S.s socks here and there and smell them to see if I dropped them on the way from the dryer, or he left them on the floor. I do that often!!Undies, GROSS, but yes, I've done it. And yes, I smelled my milk this morning. Not because I saw the date had passed. We had been out of town, and I smelled it before checking the date. It was still good...I haven't gotten sick...