Saturday, March 03, 2007


OK...those of you who are teachers know that line. It's from "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." A kid wakes with gum in his hair and his day just gets worse and worse. He wants to go to Australia to escape it all....he can go with me.

I love being a mom. More specifically, I love being a stay-at-home-mom to my 4 beautiful, healthy boys. But today has been one of those days! A day that I would like to send my children to the circus...except the circus would not have them.

Honestly, the problem isn't with my kids. The problem is my reaction to their actions. They are boys ages 7, 6, 3 and 1. There are some that would probably criticize me for how I handle them, but they can kiss my grits! So in honor of my desired trip to Australia (that will NEVER happen) I will just vent here.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, MY FRIENDS! Turn back now, if you don't want to join my pity party.

This morning (Saturday) dawned a bit cool, but sunny. I lazed around for a few minutes, then finally go around to go to WalMart. (That, in itself, is an adventure with 4...I could stop here, but where would the entertainment be?) We went to the bank to get $$ to pay for piano lessons for the month of March. (see how on-top of things I am?) Then we went to WM.

I had a short list of about 6 things. The 6 things became 8 when I was fitting DS #1 with soccer shoes. "These shoes are COOL, Mom! I've always wanted monster soccer shoes." I didn't even know they had them. They are black shoes with teeth. Hmmmm....I wonder if they make him run faster or kick the ball farther. Either way, my 2nd was convinced as he said that if his brother had monster soccer shoes, "shouldn't I have some, too?" That is a logic I can't argue. SO, as we fit #2 with shoes, my heart drops for the 5 seconds I can't find #3....who was down the aisle trying on shoes for himself. Shoes are always needed in our house, so I bought 3 pairs instead of 1.

It sounds harmless enough, but picture me pushing the basket while #1 and #2 were on either side trying to push each other down, using the basket with my 8 items and 2 younger children. So it began. We got into the FTU and the boys started fighting about goodness knows what.

We came home...all was OK. We ate lunch. Then came quiet time...and the time everything went to pot. My 2 younger children MUST REST! My 3rd can lie on the bed and watch a movie and be OK. My youngest MUST SLEEP for at least 2 hours. My older 2, for fighting in the FTU, were instructed to lie down until soccer practice. NOBODY RESTED! My 3rd came out TWICE, having pooped his pull-up. (Despite swats, he will NOT poop in the potty...I'm quite tired of wiping his big butt.) My 2nd kept asking "can I get up now?" And my 1st sat on the toilet reading for about 40 minutes. (Who knew those habits started out so young?)

At 2:20, I began the task of getting everyone shod so we could be at soccer practice at 3...a mere 10 minutes away. It took FORTY MINUTES to get this done. My oldest, despite my instruction, opened the front door. My younger 2, despite my warning, kept running outside. My 2nd complained that his white socks weren't as good as soccer socks (which are dirty, because my lazy butt hasn't done laundry in a good while.) AND, while cutting the tag of #1's shoes, I cut through a shoestring. I was IMMEDIATELY informed that new shoes MUST be purchased. Yeah right, kid! While dealing with all this, I must have gotten 2nd told me he wished I wasn't here right now. Can't get mad at him...I wish I wasn't here either...I think I'll go to Australia.

After practice (that was cold and windy) we came home. My 3rd refused to come in. So, I get him inside, kicking and screaming...literally...the child, not me. My younger 2 started to play chase. The noise was a bit much, but at least they were enjoying each other....until #3 slammed #4's hand in the door. As I rushed to his rescue and opened the door, I scraped the top of #3's foot. So we all sat in the hall kissing wounds and apologizing.

As we returned to our normal (it's shocking, isn't it?) day, my kids start getting upset about a paper mask that they had decorated and tried to fit with yarn. SO, I helped....and heard clanking. I turned and saw #3 and 4 climbing INTO the cabinets with glassware. I hollered over my shoulder. (I know....the model mother would never stoop to yelling. I know it defeats all purpose and teaches my children how NOT to behave, but please...I'm feeling pretty beat-up right now.) As I turn, I hear a crash. "STOP IT!! STOP STOP STOP!" I cry with my hands on my ears. My #2 said quite simply and quietly, "I don't like it when you do that." *sigh* I don't like it either, baby!

After that, my 2nd got up to corral the younger 2. Isn't that sweet? How wonderful that my 6 year old saw the need and responded. How sad that there was a need. I feel like a terrible mother. I feel as if I failed them today. I'm embarrassed and ashamed that my children are trying to talk me down. I'm upset that I got mad at my kids for acting like boys. :(

Tomorrow is another day....thank goodness. I'll get the kids down with a movie and regroup. I just found a bag of chocolate...that's always good, too. I think I'll put off my trip to Australia for another day.

Thanks for listening.


Mommy Spice said...

I'm sorry, but I have to give you props. I mean, I get frustrated with one little girl, you have 4 boys. Do you know how many moms would have already packed and headed to Australia?...or done worse. You're an awesome mom! The fact that you could stand back and hear God's gently voice through your son's mouth. Who raised that son to be a vessel(sp?) of God. Good job Mom!! I know there are those tough days...I can't even imagine, but tomorrow is another day.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where it started, or where we picked it up... but we use the phrase... (usually following a giant sigh...) "I love you anyway..." more often than I care to admit. This is generally following an internal dialogue with myself about how tomorrow WILL BE a better day, how someone should really, really write a true parenting book --- you know, with chapters on "how to pry off a three year old's fingers vice-gripped to playground equipment, while nursing an infant in a front pack." You know the real meat and potatoes of parenting! -- Ly

Theresa said...

Wow! I felt like I was reading about my own life! Trips to WM with more than 2.5 kids is a challenge that many could not handle! I think that yelling comes with having boys. My boys are loud! All my kids are loud and M - F I have atleast 7 kids everyday! Today I have 8! So sometimes yelling is required to be heard above the different toys and the TV. So, you won't find someone judging you here! Loving boys and letting them be boys is a gift and you have it! James Dobson's book Raising Boys was the best book I've ever read. I read it before my boys were born and I still pick it up and read it occasionally, especially when they are driving me NUTS! You are in deed a special woman for God to have blessed you with four boys! When I'm having a terrible day, I lock myself in my room for 5 minutes and pray. I vent to the Lord and when I come out I'm a little better. I tell the kids I need to go to Timeout. So take a timeout if you need to, just don't stay too long or the house might fall down!

Chelsie said...

Aaawww. So sorry you had a tough day. I know how that can be. God bless.

Not trying to sound like know-it-all but have you read this site? It is a wonderful site. I am not saying I have arrived. Ack! Far from it. I am learning. That is all I can claim. It is so hard to be consistent. *blush* Anyway, I hope this helps. And you know, I heard it said once that no matter what parenting method a person uses, lots of love works best. And it sounds like you have that. We just gotta remember to show lots of love...and have lots of fun with our dc. Now if I could remember that each day... :( But like I said...I'm still learning.

BTW, thanks for the email! It is always fun to "meet" new people!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.