Thursday, July 19, 2007


I had a friend ask me about Harry Potter. The question was, and I quote, "What do you think about Harry Potter?"

Hmmm...what do I think? I needed context for the question. I asked, "What do I think, as a Christian?"

Harry Potter is a wizard. If you have lived in the US for the last 8 years and don't know that much you are sad. The books have swept the nation...well, the world, really. It is full of witchcraft and darkness and will, no doubt, lead good little girls and boys down a wicked path full of demon possession, animal sacrifice and hell. But, didn't the Beatles do that some 40 years ago? I mean...their music got REALLY good when they discovered drugs.

I read the first Harry Potter book during my 2nd year of teaching. I read it so that I may be "in touch" with what the kids of the day are interested in. I taught a gifted 2nd grader who would sit, during recess, and read these REALLY FAT books. A friend of mine had the first 3 books. ( took me that long to crack open a book.)

My first impression was that it was well-written. I was mildly interested until book 4 when I thought, "HOLY SMOKES! There are real spells in there! Kids don't need to read this!"

Then I started hearing arguments from adults (who HADN'T read them, by the way), "Well, if it gets kids interested in reading, I'm all for it." Well, let's follow that idea down a very short road. "I want my child interested in math, therefore let's teach the difference between a dime bag and a nickel bag." That is SO lame.

These books are bad for kids. I will not let my kids read them. Perhaps when they are driving cars...and I can trust them NOT to run over black cats, whilst wielding a wand to move bushes out of their way, will I let them. But then, being a responsible parent, I will "discuss it" with my children to make sure they know the difference. The difference in what? It certainly isn't reality vs. fantasy...not by my beliefs, anyway. It's VERY real. It is evil. It is a BIT far fetched, but can be a dangerous gateway...much like cigarettes as a gateway to Mary Jane.

I will never read them to my students when I teach. I want the parents to know that they can trust what I present to the kids.

If I ever see my kids pretending (like I did) that they can cast spells, fly on brooms or apparate from one place to another, I will certainly seek Christian counselling in order that I may build a wall of protection around my cherubs. It is my duty to keep them safe. It is my job to make sure that they know our beliefs and where we stand on views such as witchcraft, the occult and other deviant behaviors and beliefs.

BUT, before I do...I will be sending my hubby to Hastings AT MIDNIGHT, so that he can pick up my PREPAID, RESERVED copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" AS SOON AS IT GOES ON SALE! WOOHOO!!!!