Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Texas weather is a bit crazy. Well, not just "a bit." In fact, it is downright wonky!

I'll give you a brief rundown starting last Saturday and then what we are expecting through this upcoming Saturday.

Last Saturday, we got up to 80 degrees. I'm in north Texas. My children and I were in shorts. I ran the air conditioner most of the day and then all night. (We like it cold in our house....67 at night.)

Woke up Sunday to 69 degrees, but knew we were expecting "stuff." I dressed the kids in winter clothing. We got to church (2 hours after I woke up) and it was in the low to mid 50s. Throughout the day, we enjoyed DROPPING temps and wet.

Monday (yesterday) was drizzly and dreary all day...and cold! We ran the heat Sunday and Monday. Monday night, we turned the heat off, watched the temp rise and woke this morning to temps in the mid-60s.

Today, at my house, we reached 72. Meanwhile (my neighbors, and some family) just 4 hours north are under one of the worst ice storms they have seen. Right now my air conditioner is running. We will be in the 30s tonight.

We expect rain and only 40 tomorrow....with thunderstorms! But, alas, a warm up is expected Thursday. However, Friday, we will have cold rain and a possible wintry mix.

I went shopping with some "northerners" last weekend. We met in Nebraska. They laughed at me when I asked what kind of clothing I should bring. Well, friends, THIS is why I asked!

Stay warm, stay cool, stay dry!


Anonymous said...

LOL okay you got me there. Good luck it sounds crazy, it's just plain cold here.

Anonymous said...

I have a foot of snow on my lawn and it's 20 degrees out and sunny. This is a super, duper nice day here! And IF it hits 50 EVERYONE would have on shorts and a sweatshirt. EVERYONE.

Definately winter here.

Ashley said...

I hear ya, girl! Have a great Christmas!