Thursday, March 06, 2008


Snow in North Texas comes once in a blue moon. Well, that's not moons happen with more frequency. My point is, we don't get snow often...and when we do, it is usually not enough for a snowball, much less a snowman.

Well, yesterday, I wore shorts, had the windows open all around the house, walked around was a gorgeous today. Today, parts of North Texas got up to 9 inches of snow.

I feel like Charlie Brown. You know in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" where they all go trick-or-treating? They are so looking forward to the goodies. They proudly brag about the fruits, money and treats they got. Charlie Brown says, "All I got was a rock." How disappointing.

Well, here in MY part of North Texas....all we got was rain. And rain. And MORE rain. No excitement at all....except for the few claps of thunder. Now all I can hope for is sub-freezing temps so that I may have a little ice on the roadways to look forward to.

There are a few of you out there who are reading this and you have snow on the ground right now. Would you do me a favor? Would you build a snowman for me? It doesn't have to be big...just a snowman. And put a "Hello" sign on it. If you send me a picture, I'll put it on my blog.

If you won't do this for me....well the only thing I can do is hope your snow is YELLOW!!!


Anonymous said...

Right now darlin' Snow up here looks brown. From all the salt and sand. And now the cities are running out of their we're beginning to look like an ice skating rink... tonight the temp is -3. And that the means the windchill is who knows what.

And the picturesque, pristine white snow that hasn't been touched by man or beast and is two feet deep --- is hard as a brick. A 200 pound man could walk across it. You'll have to wait for some fresh stuff for your snowman. --- I'll send you pictures of the trenches my husband ploughed for the little girls and the dog to maneuver the back yard. Now that is exciting.

Cammie said...

Wish I could help, but we barely get rain in South Texas, much less snow!

Ashley said...

Go see PandaMom's snowgirl! :)

Mommy Spice said...

I tried to post a comment and I don't think it worked, so forgive me if this is doubled...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one "pouting" about the No Snow yesterday. D.S. finally said to me, "We have more important things to worry about." Well buddy, a little snow would certainly lift my spirits right now. Anyway, imagine my surprise to wake up to a snow covered ground this morning. It was like a little hug from God.

Anonymous said...

That is all we got was rain all day. We waited and waited. I was so mad! We woke up this morning and everything was dusted white. We had enough for a snowball, but that is it! The kids were still excited and it did look pretty, but I was wanting enough to build snow people.