Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm so sorry I have been M.I.A.

This has been a crazy week...a CRAZY week.

First off, I would like to give a big shout out to all of you who have popped over as a result of the UBP!!! That is too cool! If I haven't come to yours yet, I will....I just haven't had the time. I hope to see you all soon.

Secondly, what I've been doing is getting ready for this weekend. This weekend, I will be traveling, with my hubby and 2 older kids, to a place for a District Junior Bible Quiz tournament.

Now, I've explained it a bit. It's a lot of fun and the kids really get to know the Bible. (I will be doing a demo type thing in a later post.) Normally, our matches consist of about 15 teams total and 6 rounds in our division. Nope...this one has about 40 teams and we will be competing in 15-20. THAT'S A LOT!!!

But, we've been practicing, packing, getting things set up for the care of our younger 2 (who still have soccer games to attend)......I don't know if you remember the last time I had to leave some of them ended up with staples in his head and a broken arm. I certainly hope THAT doesn't happen.

Anyway, that is what I've been up to. I hope to get back to a normal (somewhat, anyway) schedule of posting this next week.....which has it's own set of issues: model of the Alamo, t-shirt book report, 2 1-page reports, FIL coming in for a week, water baptism, lunch for all those coming to celebrate, cleaning the house for company....including FIL company....did I say he's staying for a week? hubby says that I couldn't deal with a high stress situation. I told him that I was doing fine dealing with high stress....THEN he said that this wasn't high-stress....that I was creating it all. WhatEVer!

All this and I haven't had a soda in 29 days. REALLY! (Hence a following post for the next week or so.)

Well, I need to skedaddle! Y'all take care.

Be sure to join me on Monday for Making a Happy Home Monday!


Anonymous said...

The projects are KILLING me.....
We finally finished the Alamo one tonight next week we will finish the t-shirt ugghhh. Have a great visit with your family.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thanks for stopping by, LL. Great to meet you, albeit a bit not the usual way! You, my dear, have a very busy life. 4 boys! I have 3, plus one daughter to round out the bunch (20, 17, 8, 6). A very busy life like yours, only my children are spread out a bit in age. I've been doing the mom thing for 20 years now.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your life. Live it like you mean it...on purpose and with the truth of Jesus at the helm.

peace and blessings to you~elaine

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Safe travels and good luck at the junior bible quiz tourney. How fun!

Unknown said...

How fun!!

Anonymous said...

I fall on and off the no-Coke wagon all the time. I was Coke free for about 60 days and this week I've been sucking them down at an alarming rate. Dang it.

Reflections in My Mirror said...

Praying that you get through it in one piece. I hope your kiddos grow closer to the Lord through this experience.
Amy Q