Sunday, April 19, 2009


Welcome to another Making a Happy Home Monday.

This is a blog carnival that I host in which I wish to be held accountable....I need to be held accountable in getting some housework done.

I hope to inspire and encourage others to accomplish things around the house. That being said, I would love for you to join me and post about some of your projects.

Pick a project...ANY project. Make it big or small. Make it clean, more organized or prettier. Whatever you do, make it happier.....the happiness can filter down into your home.

For my entry, I would like to post about our garage.

AND, I'm disappointed that, as yet, I have NO pictures.

Wait, that is not right. I DO have pictures, but for some reason, they will not download. I suspect it has something to do with the work my DH was doing on my computer. I have in a "trouble call" to him, but as he is on the east coast right now, it might be a bit before he gets back with me. As soon as he does, and I figure this out, I will get the pics up.

So, I'll try to describe. This task.....this major undertaking.....was actually done by my hubby and his dad. They spent an afternoon and worked a small miracle, it would appear.

Picture a very messy, VERY packed, 2 car garage. (Perhaps you are picturing your garage?) Neither FTU would fit in the garage due to the dresser, entertainment center, 4 or 5 bikes, 1 tricycle, 2 big wheels, Tiny Coupe, 2 small 4-wheelers, 2 BIG 4-wheelers, boxes of teaching 12 boxes, a Christmas tree, fridge, fans, boxes with dishes, stuffed animals, 2 card tables, 8 know? I can't even finish as I don't even know.

A lot of stuff got put on the curb in hopes of adoption. Now, both FTUs fit quite nicely....bring on the hail....we can handle it. :) The only thing I have to work on is the school was just stacked neatly, awaiting my going through it. AND, I have to wait until hubby is home because, from what I understand, there was a certain amount of mouse "left-overs" and I'm worried about the "EW" factor.

Please, join me. If you would like to post about a project, please link up on Mr. Linky. I can't wait to see what you have to share!

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erica said...

I'm so proud of you... or them:). Walt is in charge of our garage... you know what that means!!! Filth times 20!!! He's going to clean it out this week!!!