Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, I have a half-brother. I consider myself an only child. I was raised and only child, but I actually have a half-brother. He lived in the same town. We knew who we were to each other....and I saw him only on Christmas day.

Only on Christmas day until I was a freshman in high school....he was a senior. I was excited to tell people he was my brother. Most of my friends knew him and knew who he was to me.

One day, during our health class, the students had been instructed to go to the track. Our health instructor was a coach. Being freshmen, the only way we had to get the 4 blocks was to walk. EXCEPT.......I had a brother with a truck.

I ran up to him, told him the situation, and asked to borrow the truck. He said he would, but he had locked the keys in and was waiting for an extra set, due to arrive during his lunch break. Bummed, I walked out to tell the group of friends who were waiting at the truck.

One "resourceful" student found a coat hanger and actually broke into the truck. Being responsible, and not wanting to miss class, we loaded up as many kids as we could into the back of the truck. I drove....minding the speed limit at all times....and hoping that the cops wouldn't see a truck full of kids being driven by a 15 year old.

We made it to the track, watched part of the meet, the headed back to the school. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, we all scattered like roaches in the night.

Being the good little sister, I returned the keys to my brother. He stared at me in disbelief. Looking back, I think he would NOT have let me take the truck. LOL. He had a good excuse....little did he know that I would break in and steal unlock and borrow his truck.

I got home at a normal time, sat at the normal table and had a normal meal with my family....until my mother said, "Did anyone see you?"


"Did anyone see you?"

(daddy) "Did anyone see what?"

(me) "Uh.....what?"

(mother, turning to my dad) "Your daughter borrowed your son's truck and drove a bunch of students down to the track for a class."

(daddy) "REALLY? Did you get caught?"

(me...with a grin) "No, sir."

(daddy)"Well, I hope this doesn't happen again." *chuckle*

I then proceeded to tell them the story. They did laugh....and gave me the look that said I should be in trouble. I didn't get into trouble, but I don't know (still) how they found out.

My life of crime was short lived. The town I grew up in was too small to get away with anything.


erica said...

I always knew there was something shady about you:)

Ashley said...

Too funny!! Or is resourceful the right word?

LRFK said...

Too small that everyone knew your business, but also we got away with everything. Only town I know of that you can get caught drinking and driving by the police and they will pull you over, realize the situation and then, follow you home without telling parents or hauling you in. Gotta love it.

Unknown said...