Saturday, September 05, 2009


Do you get them for your children?

I could have researched a lot of results.....just as many pros as cons, I dare say. I decided not to. I don't want this to be an article stating fact. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and feelings on the subject.

I have some friends who don't do any shots for their children. I have no problem with this, I really don't. They have (I trust) prayed the matter through and have decided what is best for their children. And, that should never be taken away. Though I have never asked, I feel that one of my friends chose to not immunize due to religious reasons. I have some friends that probably don't do shots because they are a bit "granola" and depend on nature/homeopathic things vs. synthetic or man-made drugs.

I have one friend who started with shots with her first, but did not continue with her other 2. Her son is autistic. She believes that the autism is due to mercury levels in some of the shots.

I get shots for my kids. I know that God will take care of us. I trust God. I also know that God expects me to use my noggin and use doctors. It is a matter of choice and conviction.

I do, however, watch HOW the shots are given.

My oldest, at 12 months, received the varivax (chicken pox) along with the MMR (measles, mumps & rubella). I knew that he could have a bit of fever. He had fever for 4 days. The doctors had told me if, at day 5, he still had fever, to bring him in. Day 4.....fever gone. Day fever. Day 6.....

Day 6: (setting the scene): Baby at daycare, Mom in 1st year of teaching (about 6 months pregnant), Dad just getting home from his crash pad in Puerto Rico

Day 6 I get a phone call from the daycare saying that my son is currently in a tepid bath (doctor's orders) to bring down a 105 fever.

"Doctor's orders?"

Yep...they had called the doctor. They had me, my hubby and my doctor on the phone finding out what to do, when we could pick him up, doctor telling the daycare to tell us to get him to the ER (DUH) ASAP.

Yep, Day 6 he actually broke out with chicken pox on the lower extremities and ran high fever. We had to make sure he didn't have a blood infection.

I soon jumped online to find out what was up. It turns out that when the varivax and MMR are given together, there is a *slight* chance of this happening. I knew that we would probably never face that with my other 3. But, I didn't want to take that chance. It is a scary thing, rushing your child to the ER. So, every time my kids were due those shots I just had the varivax put off by 6 months. We never had issues again.

Well, now, I'm faced with another decision. The flu shot. More specifically, something for swine flu. We did the flu shots for 2 years. I didn't have a problem until I found out that there were several strains that you couldn't be vaccinated against. Hmmmm....We stopped getting the shots for a few years. No issues....last year, my youngest did have a mild flu affliction. It was so mild, in fact, that the doctor was shocked to find out the results.

The swine flu, they say, is really no worse than the regular flu. MY only difference in consideration is the fact that my third is predisposed to asthma AND he is in school this year. Something to think about.

What are your thoughts?*

*Please note: I am not asking for advice. I will pray and talk to my hubby and together, we will decide. I am just curious as to what you do and why.

(P.S. I am not going to proof this just now. I need to get the kids in bed. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.)


Sarastamps said...

Hey LL~

Just wanted to comment- i did flu shots for 2 yrs also- and then watched a special on the 700 Club that said the flu shot was about 25% effective in preventing the flu..(that's ALL??!!) and that Vitamin D supplements and probiotics (like in the yogurt or supplement form) were 50% that choice was easy!! we don't do the flu shots and won' my dad had a serious condition called Guillian Barre and its not recommended that my sisters and i get a flu shot ever...good topic!! ~sara

Catey said...

We do not do flu shots. Aaron did twice (due to his job at the time), and both of those years ended up hospitalized with-you guessed it-the flu. Go figure, they were both years that they picked a strain different than the one that turned out to be the most prevalent.

I'm not a big fan of the guessing game thing. Our bodies were created to be able to fight germs, and unless there are serious underlying health issues, my opinion is that the body should be allowed to work through things as best as possible (obviously using medical intervention when necessary), to build it's own immunity.

As for the swine flu vaccine, oh HELL no! (sorry-you know I don't use that word, so you know exactly how I feel!)
Besides the fact that it is being rolled out with very minimal research and testing, last time there was an attempted vaccine for this strain the results were disasterous-in a big way. If you haven't read up on that, please do.

And that's all I have to say about that. : )

Mommy Spice said...

I have to admit, I never really researched immunizations. I just did it because, well, why not? I would be totally paranoid if I didn't get our daughter immunizations. As a matter of fact, when we brought her home from China, it was recommended by our doctor and our agency to redo her immunizations from what she had in China because their immunizations are usually smaller doses than ours. Now, as for the H1N1 shot, I haven't decided yet.

Unknown said...

We've never gotten the flu shot and never had the flu except for last year; Tucker got it. I'm on the fence about the swine fly vaccine. I usually trust our Pediatrician on things like that, but I am doubtful that we will get it.

Matthew said...

Well I was very big into Thiomersal, and its effects on children and autism. You can still get the vaccinations without thiomersal in them. Thiomersal is an additive that is used to increase the shelf life of vaccinations. If you ask your doctor to use non thiomersal vaccinations they should be able to comply. There have been several studies, and all have come back inconclusive in regards to thiomersal and autism, but me personally I just wouldn't risk it.

Nancy said...

Did you get the comment I made??? I think Google dropped it. ARG. Lemme know, and I'll retype it if I need to....

~LL~ said...

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