Friday, September 25, 2009



Today is the opening day for THE Great State Fair of Texas. That means that the holidays HAVE started. Look for lots of holiday stuff.

One thing I will do (or try to, anyway) is to share daily, some movie quotes from some of my favorite Christmas movies including:

~ It's a Wonderful Life
~ The Santa Clause
~ Elf
~ A Christmas Story
~ A Charlie Brown Christmas
~ Rudolph
~ National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Of course, there are others, but these will be the ones I draw from the most. Hope y'all have fun.

To start off this 90 day Holiday Celebration, I leave you with this. I posted it last year. These are my youngest 2 children, re-enacting their favorite scene. I included the true scene in case you have never seen it.


Unknown said...

They are too freakin' cute! Love their version even more then the original!

Reflections in My Mirror said...

wow - 90 days REALLY!! I gotta get back to planning! Thanks for the reminder!

~LL~ said...

Heather....thanks. Hey, I tried to access your profile/blog, but I can't. Will you let me in? If you need my email, just send me your email and I will respond. I will not post the info.

Reflections - You are my new favorite realize how quickly it all goes. LOL!

Unknown said...

WOOHOO! I know you're excited!

Miss May said...

I lOvE, lOvE, lOVe this!! Thanks for sharing!