Thursday, October 08, 2009


I really don't.

Is this blog thing a fad? Some people make money. Some people use it as more of an in a newspaper. They scan the news and then comment on that.

Some blogs focus on religion.
Some on politics.
Some on housekeeping.
Some on cooking.

Many, many others. I really wanted to write and found an outlet and a small, yet quaint audience. Now? I got nothin'.

I don't know why. I can't really call it writer's block. Maybe more of a it the readers? Me? Either way, I got nothin'.

I had a few funny posts over the last 3.5 years. I had some thought-provoking posts. I even had some that ticked people off.

I have read a lot of blogs. Some of my faves post less than I do....and that makes me sad. I am attached to some of these folk. I really don't want to find another blog to get attached to. There are a few reasons for this: 1) I don't want to invest the time in all the reading/commenting. I like my group. 2) I am comfortable with my little group.

I have found some blogs through some of "my" readers. I see their blog lists....some, I just sit in awe. There is like 40 or so blogs. I've got 21 in my "faves" and out of those, only 12 have updated in the last 2 months. Out of those, only about 5 update even weekly.

Maybe they are suffering in the same way I am. :-/

I had 2 that have totally removed their blogs. One, I know why. The other, I'm pretty sure I know why. There are a few that make me laugh. Some are just fun reads...we are friends IRL and I keep up with them. There is one that just ticks me off....but it is like a train wreck. I can't seem to turn away. UNTIL TODAY!!! I was reading it and was that is being removed.

I guess my issue is that I wonder if people really want to read the boring, mundane, everyday crap that I do. Then I tell myself, "Well, I like THAT blog, and that's all they talk about." (No offense to anyone. ;) )

**Speaking of boring and mundane: My 3rd is pretending to go trick-or-treating, but he has to "ride" his younger brother who is actually a kitty cat who is being lured by CFA waffle fries. As they crawl/walk, they are saying, "Clap to the beat" a la Little Einsteins.**

I guess my blog, for now, is kind of in limbo. Hmmm...did you know that "limbo," according to Wikipedia, according to the Roman Catholic church is the edge of Hell? word. I don't think I'm THERE. LOL! I guess the future of my blog is in question. I won't delete it. I just don't know when/how often I'll post.

I will certainly complete my Christmas quotes. That is easy. And though you probably don't care, I do.

Well, now I'm a bit depressed. Do you read? Are you there? Would you show me a bit of love? Just let me know if you read. By leaving a comment, I will know if more than 3 of you are reading. Just give me that validation, would ya? I promise, I won't hold you to commenting after every post.



Alicia @ said...

LL! You SO know I am here and read!! I understand where you are coming from. I am in the same boat, I stopped doing it a lot because it was on my mind 24/7 and I needed to re-prioritize my life and not be so into "okay let me get this pic for this post and oh now let me post this" type of thing. It was all too consuming, for me anyways! I still do post here and there and a lot of the time I dont even rem I have a blog! Sad, maybe. I dont know. Its been better for me tho personally, but I still like to read too!!

Anonymous said...

some aren't gone they just moved...

LRFK said...

You should continue on, but maybe "candy up" a bit. Just my thoughts!

erica said...

Don't stop blogging! I have been such a slacker and am going to get back into the groove! You can't stop;)

Anonymous said...

I read sweety, I just don't comment very often. But I think I will start :o

It's your space, and even if you're writing "The rainbows are like puddles and the tadpoles are cooking" then that's what you write!


~LL~ said...

"Candy up?" Now how would you like me to do that? There are so many directions I could go with that one. LOL!

Unknown said...

I'm a reader! I love your posts! (((hugs)))

~LL~ said...

Y'all are all too kind. Thank you for helping me out of my pity pit. I don't like being there, but sometimes it's hard to climb out on my own.

LRFK said...

Moved? I think I am offended.

~LL~ said...

LRFK....thinkin' the same. :o

Catey said...

You're just in a blog funk. It happens. And seriously-you think we're going to let you just stop telling us things like #3 riding around on a "cat" chasing waffle fries? hello?! : )
The funk will pass. And until then, you have Christmas quotes to keep up on woman! Yes, I read them every day even though it's only October.
(and giveaways to enter. Get your hiney over to my blog on Fridays! lol)

Kaira said...

I read. Some stuff interests me more than others but I still like to read and I love that you are a mother of 4 boys, like me. I've read for a couple of years at least. Your Christmas stuff always cracks me up.

Cammie said...

I'm here!