Saturday, October 10, 2009


So I have this friend named Catey. She is awesome. She is one of the few who stuck with me in the MHHM. (And should it ever be revived, I trust she will join me again. (No pressure, love. ;) )

ANYWAY, she does this cool give away. I don't enter too many. Sometimes, I am just too lazy. Sometimes, what is required to enter is just too much for me to sit and do. THIS....well THIS is a great give away. It's this shirt thing called Blush. It's a topless shirt that you can used to extend the length of your tees. You know, it just ain't cool to show the love handles that, let's face it, NOBODY loves. This keeps things covered, tucked and hidden.

Go on over there. Just click on Catey's name and find out how YOU can enter!

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