Sunday, November 22, 2009


..... I've got NUTHIN'!

Absolutely nothing.


I miss blogging. I really do. But, I have hit a serious dry-spell. If you knew me in person, you would be surprised to find that I'm speechless. Totally. Speechless.

I've been busy, but I don't want to bore you with all of that. I mean, it seems like the last few blog posts I've made have only to do with all that I have going on. I know you are tired of reading it. And, frankly, I'm tired of it, myself. I'm not tired of the busyness. Nope, just tired of talking about it. I think y'all probably think I'm complaining.

Oh well.

By the way, why does the word "y'all" always show up as a misspelled word? It clears my blogger spellcheck, but when I type it, it underlines is as a misspelling. It is OFTEN used in my neck of the woods. It should be recognized as a word.... a legitimate word. Oh well.

So, are Y'ALL ready for the holidays? I am, and I'm not. It's coming MUCH TOO FAST! I need another week.

I have my meal planned, but I'm looking at 4 days until the big "Day o' Turkey" and I haven't gone to the store yet. Hide your shock. I DO have my turkey, just nothing else.

I've been working on a project in which I'm editing a lot of information. Frustration is the first word to come to mind. I won't say anything else about that.

We had a JBQ meet yesterday. And, the one kid who is the backbone of the team (my oldest) was feeling really bad.... so, we won.... NOTHING! Six rounds and the one "guaranteed" win beat us by 70 points or so. Oh well.... teaches me a lesson in humility. Now I need to rethink the rest of our year.

Last night, just before a night of some much needed (and wanted, I might add) "closeness" with my beloved, our youngest came barging in in what I would describe as a full-blown asthma attack.... except he doesn't have asthma. I think it's croup. Having a child crash in with blue-tinged lips, gasping for air and "barking" as he coughs will ruin a mood REALLY quick. :( We did 3 nebulizer treatments back-to-back. He is OK, now. Still coughing and feverish, but we have him breathing well. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well, and I, along with the oldest and the youngest, missed church.... I needed that, too. *sigh*

Have you seen New Moon? My hubby and I saw it for the midnight showing on opening night. That was fun, but tiring. Glad I went, though. It will be a great next few years of movies and it started last year. In Nov. 2008, we saw Twilight. Then in July of 2009, we saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The other night, we saw New Moon. In July of 2010, Eclipse is supposed to be released. Then, the following November is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. July 2011 should bring the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I anticipate the following November to bring Breaking Dawn. Yep.... good times at the movies.

What's going on for Christmas? Are you doing anything special? We are. We are going to Disney World. What makes it really cool? We are going to pull the kids and miss a whole week of school! We go back to school next Monday, the 30th and we will pull them early that Friday, the 4th. We will be back on the 12th. Don't tell, though.... they don't know. ;-)

I've been baking up a storm. Been doing OK in sales, I guess. I'm no Sara Lee (yet), but who knows? Y'all can say you knew me when I was a little person.

We got our tree up almost 2 weeks ago, because we wanted to. And you know? I will still celebrate Thanksgiving and love it. My hubby will put the lights on the house in the next day or 2. I'm excited. I feel very fortunate during these holidays in regard to hubby's schedule. He is off until Friday. And then for December, he is working for only 8 or 9 days. Not too bad. He will have almost the entire time off that the kids are out AND he gets to go the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert this year.... he's missed the last two and I've had to go with someone else. No offense to my alternate dates, but I would rather be with my hubby.

Well, I should go. I need to get some coupons pulled for tomorrow. I will be going to the chiropractor to get cracked, to the store, THEN to a dear friends house to make some fudge. Should be loads of fun. I guess before all of that, and immediately following this, I should do some more editing. :-/

With that, I bid you adieu. I leave you with one of my many.... MANY.... holiday faves.


Unknown said...

My spell check never gets ya'll ... it must realize where it is!

Jamie Meitl said...

disney sounds like so much fun!! and you're right i can't imagine you speechless ;) love ya!

Ashley said...

I hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday activities! :)