Sunday, January 17, 2010


I know that I haven't been as diligent as I had hoped to be. When I finally lay down each night, I think of awesome things to talk about... even get most of it "written" in my head. Then, I wake up knowing I have/had an awesome post... only to have forgotten it. Guess that means it wasn't that great, huh?

I still will try, even if is just a short blurb to say "Hey," and to tell you what I'm up to.... because I know you care. ;)

So, what is going on right now? Well, hubby is on an 8 day tour. Those are really hard. I remember when he used to fly for Eagle... a 5 day tour was something we moaned about. Now, a 5 day tour is like a gift. The months of February and March do seem difficult, mainly because of all the things we have going on and his work schedule.

I started subbing with the new semester. I did my first gig as a middle school PE sub. Only for a half day. That was a good thing... the haft day. It was OK. I mean, middle school... sure, I LOVE that age. PE? I didn't like it when I was a student. LOL! It was easy, though.

Then, last week, I subbed a full day as a 1st grade teacher. All I can say is this, "PE!" HAHA!! That was easier. I was told by a few little girls that "you are my favorite substitute teacher." That is sweet. I also had a sweet baby tell his momma that I wouldn't let him use the bathroom unless he had to poop. WHAT? HAHAHA!!!! I'm mean that way. (FTR, I would probably do that in middle school, but NOT 1st grade.)

I will be subbing at the high school this coming week... 2 days worth. I won't normally do the high school, and I hope it's not expected often. BUT, they are testing and need a certified teacher, so they were very emphatic in their request. It will be fun. I'm actually looking forward to it.

I need to post about my birthday.

I need to post about the 5th annual Birthday Bash.

I STILL need to post about JBQ.

I need to post about Love Languages.

I REALLY need to post about Disney.

I need to do another post about microtia.

I was going to do another post about friendship, but that was "brain-written" in anger/frustration... I'm SO over it....




I need to clean out my kitchen for a few reasons.

1. The Birthday Bash is coming up.

2. I got a lot of new bake ware (TOTALLY excited) and I need to make room for the new and ceremonially retire the old.

3. My birthday.... you'll find out why, soon. ;)

4. There is an unidentified odor in my fridge. It's weird. It's deep.... I don't know how else to explain it. It's not apparent when you open the door, but as you close it, there is a mild "after-smell" that assaults you. THAT simply will NOT do. I'm not a great housekeeper.

OK... You are right.... I'm not even a good housekeeper. But, I'm picky about my kitchen. I'm a messy cook/baker, but you can be for darn sure that anything you eat that was prepared by my hands and in my kitchen will be fresh and good. The smell bothers me.

It smells like the milk section in grocery stores... not *sour* milk, but bad milk. Maybe one of the gallons had a leak? I don't know.

Well, we don't have church tomorrow night. SO, while the kids are outside playing, I will be sitting in front of the fridge, with everything out on the counter top and wiping down the inside with hot, soapy, bleach water.

OK... Thank you for your audience. I shall return soon. :)


Unknown said...

I hate cleaning out the fridge, but it's something that I can't put off either.

Mommy Spice said...

I want you to post about Disney too. I hope you find that smell. It would drive me crazy too. We have a smell in S.G.'s bathroom. Yeah, I know it's a bathroom, but it's been cleaned and mopped many times, and we just can't get rid of that....urine smell. Really, I don't know why!!