Saturday, January 02, 2010


OK.... so we are sitting on Saturday, January 2, 2010.... HEY.... 01/02/2010. (That's called a "palindrome." When it reads the same forward and backward, it's a "palindrome.")

Don't have a whole lot to talk about. But, I am always happy when my "peeps" update their blogs... even when there is nothing major that they are saying. So, there might be 1 or 2 of you who are happy when I update. My goal is at least 3 entries per week. They will almost always be mundane, seldom funny, periodically angering.... just your normal, well-rounded blog. :)

My kids are playing Wii right now. Gone is the goodwill for all mankind attitude that my children had toward each other for about 5 minutes. Back is the battle cry... which is my youngest son's name. We are letting them play as much as they want... for now. Normally, video/computer games can ONLY be played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday... and only about 30-60 minutes each. (Each child... not each thing. We have Wii, PS2, DS and computers, V-smile and little plug in games. They don't get 30 minutes for each thing. ;) )

I'm ready for that. I think I will limit it tomorrow and Monday. We don't start school until Tuesday. The older 2 need to do their laundry. I need to assess their uniforms. My youngest put a hole in the knee and I need to pull those and replace. (No... I don't patch. The britches are WORN OUT! They have already gone through 1 kid for 1 year.) I need to buy some dye to darken the seams of some britches that I'm letting out.

Does anyone go geocaching? I have a friend who does. It sounds interesting. Since I DO have all boys and I can't expect them to stay inside and eat bon-bons with me all the time I figure I need to do something that is a bit more "manly." Instead of scratching myself, I figured something in the great outdoors would be great. SO, Honey? We need a new GPS that will work with geocaching. I can take the kids on the weekends. Fun? Maybe.

Well, I should go. Time keeps ticking. Daylight continues to burn. And I still have a LOT of cr@p to get done.

Y'all have a great day. (Please note, the Christmas Countdown has been updated... don't want anyone to be caught unaware.)

OH.... for your viewing pleasure. I thought I would let you know that I have solved an age-old question.


He pulls it over his head, of course!


About The Beardslee's said...

Batman pic is so priceless. I love reading your blogs, I hope to keep up with mine alot better this year.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you posted that!!! LOL You son is going to kill you!!! Get some meat on that boy!

Ginger said...

CUTE, too cute LOL

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic.

Marie said...

Hey I've just been browsing through your blog and you are just like my sweet crazy part-time neighbor. (Part-time because she lives across the street part of the time and in another state the other part.) See? Crazy! And like you she gives up sleep and drives herself nuts getting everything done for other people. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and I'm enjoying getting to know you.

Unknown said...

That picture is a HOOT! You mean you don't scratch yourself? What in the world? teeehee

Mommy Spice said...

S.G. is playing the Wii right now...all by herself. LOL. LOVE the batman picture!!