Saturday, August 07, 2010


There is no story here. There is no theme to this post. I just have a lot in my noggin that needs to be shuffled out.

I haven't been ignoring you, my dear reader(s). We have just been busy with things... many of which were unplanned, unexpected and perhaps, unwanted.

First off, school starts one week from Monday, on the 16th. I can't believe our summer is over.... OVER. It makes me sad, but at the same time, I will be glad to get back into a more routine schedule. Right now, we are just so busy with random things. We will always be busy, but still.

The younger 3 boys want to play soccer. We don't mind, except #4 reFUSED to play last time. He sat in my lap. Grrrr..... the thing that kept me from getting upset was the fact that he is 3.

My middle 2 will be starting piano lessons. (My 2nd has played before, but took 1 year off.) My oldest will be in Karate and guitar. SO.... that comes to 7 activities in the week. On top of homework, JBQ study and normal *stuff.* I shouldn't complain. I am glad we are able to provide the kids with these opportunities.

Remember the gal that I asked y'all to pray for? Well, she had her baby. AND, against most odds, he survived birth and is home with mom and dad. Simply. Amazing!!! Truly, he is a miracle child. Though he still has some obstacles ahead, I look forward to the way God will work through him and his parents.

Uniforms were only $300. Not too bad, considering all 4 are in uniforms. Of course, that would have been a LOT more had I not saved all their pants and shirts. I had over 50 pr of uniform pants. CRAZY! Of course, that $300 did NOT include all the shoes, socks and undies that the kids needed. I need to dye some of the smaller britches that have already been through a kid or two.

Check-ups were taken care of. Dental cleanings done. All we need now is to take #2 to the eye-doctor to make sure he is OK and his glasses are OK for another year. My oldest had his vision checked.... 20/13. I hope it stays that good. :)

Today's trip to WM was horrendous. It ended up with #4 being an absolute pill.... I had to sprint after him a few times. Yes. I said, "sprint." I'm sure I was entertaining for those watching. He screamed and kicked and hit. Behavior totally unbecoming to anyone. Oh well. I kept my cool as long as we were in public. He got a spanking when we got home... and no treat like the others got. Hopefully, he will file this experience as a lesson learned.

We all went to Austin and San Antonio this last week. Long story short.... transmission in the silver FTU went kaput and we ended up a planned 2 night visit in a 4 night visit and a new FTU. Well, new to us, anyway. We like it.

I have been feeling that anxious feeling. I kinda like it.... sadly. Though, I hear it is not that great, health-wise. Hmmmm.... I think it is just the stress of this last week, added to what is to come.
Tomorrow, I'm meeting my SIL, one of her daughters and her son for breakfast. :) REALLY looking forward to that. Tomorrow night, DS #2 will go spend the night with his BF. Monday night, I have orientation for school. I will FINALLY find out who our teachers are. That night, we will bring home DS #1's BF and his brother.... they will spend the night. Tuesday, I will take all 6 kids to a water park. Then, Tuesday night, DS #1 has guitar lessons. Wednesday night will host a JBQ planning session. Thursday? Thursday.... eye appointment, but other than that, I think that is it.

DH comes home Thursday... we have to hope that he is able to fly into Austin and pick up the other FTU that we had to leave in the garage for repairs. If he isn't able to, then Thursday night OR Friday morning, we will all have to schlepp down to Austin to pick it up and bring it back.
Friday night, Honey and I will be taking a night to ourselves for our anniversary. Saturday is the library reading carnival, a choir meeting AND a cousins marriage and reception. The marriage and reception is a for sure thing.... not sure about the other 2. Sunday, the 15th, is a JBQ demo in which DS #1 will be participating in. Then, Monday.... school starts.

Oh yeah... and the laundry. And the groceries. And the cleaning. And the....

Well, you get the picture.

Speaking of all that. Surely I can't get something done tonight. :)

Y'all have a good one.


Unknown said...

Sounds like it's the busy time again. We still have a few more weeks.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I am SO tired just reading all you have to do. Seriously. That is why the good Lord only gave me one. :-)

~LL~ said...

Fortunately, this is not a normal schedule. But, with the problems we had with the FTU, so many thing were pushed back.... and now, I have limited time and several tasks that MUST be done during that time. :)