Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today, I am nervous. Really. Nervous.

I'm not normally a paranoid parent. In fact, I take most catastrophes in stride. Blood does not bother me.

But, this ear thing..... I feel quite disconcerted.

When we had the bandage removed, I was told that if it "weeps" we would have to start dressing it.

"Sure, doc. No problem."

Well, yesterday morning, my son woke to a "dry" ear. It is hard to clean because there is "baby skin." (Ha.... I had to clarify to my son that it wasn't skin from a baby, but brand new skin.) I don't want any of the dried blood to pull the new skin, so I'm being quite gentle.... in fact, "avoid" is probably a better word.

BUT, I do assess everyday. I look at it SO closely each morning and night so that I may note any changes.

Well, last night, I noticed it was a bit.... gummy. You know when you have "rug burn?" That kind of gooey, almost gelatinous-like, blood-tinged fluid? Well, it's that...... is that "weepy?" Does it need to be dressed? Does he do that? Do I do that? Does he need to be assessed? Can you hear my voice getting higher as I start to reach panic-mode?

Not being used to seeing my boy head-on and seeing a 2nd ear.... quite frankly, I'm all freaked out that it's gonna just fall off his head. What if he bumps it at school today? Does "fresh" skin peel off easily? Will it split? I JUST DON'T KNOW..... and I'm freaked.

When talking to my hubby last night, I was trying to talk myself out of calling because I didn't want to be the "paranoid mom." Embarrassing. However, this ear is costing a lot of money..... A LOT. OF MONEY! They can take my phone call. They can take 10 phone calls!

The nurse is in surgery. She will call back, hopefully, within the hour.

Another concern is the area of son's rump where the skin was taken. It has been covered with what appears to be Saran Wrap. Very expensive Saran Wrap. Anyway, it has been keeping the patch covered..... prevents air from reaching it, thus, no pain. That is all well and good. The covering can be removed tomorrow.


I looked at it yesterday and was nothing short of horrified.

The "blister" (the part of plastic that was filled with fluid [expected]) started to ooze. It didn't pop, but seeped out the side. That is no surprise. It's on his rump. He walks, sits, lies down.... all that movement.... the liquid is going somewhere.... like out the side of the plastic.

OK. That is not alarming. Last night, when inspecting the tush, I noticed some of the plastic had kind of wrinkled up ACROSS the patch of removed skin. That CAN'T be comfy. On top of that, where the liquid has been escaping.... well, he looks like he has a rash. :-(

I feel like a terrible mom since I didn't notice this happening. It has been itching, so I have been leaving it alone.... don't want to draw attention to it. I guess that was a mistake. He hasn't been able to be bathed with all this "stuff" going on.... I've been ragging/sponging him down. :-(

I can remove the plastic tomorrow, but I might do it tonight so I can get him all cleaned up.

BUT, THEN.... the question is.... will it be OK to not be covered anymore? Do I treat it with an ointment? Should I cover it with a pad?

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be able to just keep him home another week to get him more healed up. :-/

So, here I sit. Waiting for the phone to ring. Not willing to even leave the phone, lest I miss the call somehow. I NEED to hear from the nurse... NOW. I need to know if I should go bursting into the school and remove him from school. Does he need a protective bubble? Anyone know where I can get one?

You know, this wouldn't be happening if my hubby were home. He is the one that helps me talk out things. He can see what I'm talking about and help me to make decisions.

I blame him.

Ha..... not really, Honey.

I love you!


Phone call returned. We "soaked" off the saran wrap.... that is truly what it was. LOL! AND it was not wet..... meaning new skin is now formed.... THAT is great. So, he runs around in only boxers, but will double up on undies at school.... 1 to keep it from rubbing and 2nd to soak up any possible oozage.

The ear.... it was/is weeping and I had to get the crusty stuff off... which scared me because I didn't know how it would react to the new skin. I was able to bathe him as normal, so I washed his hair and let the kid shampoo sit on the ear for a bit to soften and loosen the "scabs." I then used q-tips to gently clean away the area.

Finally, I am to dress it with a bit of gauze that has a bit of saline on it for a few days (changing every few hours) and then assess Monday..... so basically go several days, and look again.

The ear will stop "weeping" as the swelling goes down. As the swelling goes down, the ear will start to lay back on his head.

And, I was assured by my fabulous pediatrician that the ear will not, in fact, fall off.


Unknown said...

Hmmm... I hope that the nurse has already called and it seems like they would have given you follow up care instructions. PRAYING!

Catey said...

((hugs)) Good call on blaming the hubby. ; )
Even if this whole thing weren't costing you a cent, it would be absolutely fine of you to call! So often we worry about being a bother instead of letting people do their job. I'm quite certain you aren't the first parent who has called not knowing if it was an issue or not.... One of my favorite things about Peds staff is that they seem to be much more understanding of the phone calls with questions. They know we love our kids and are worried and that even if they deal with these things everyday, we parents don't and just want to make sure our kids are well-and not mess up any of the hard work they do on our kids!

Hope your phone call comes quickly, praying for peace and calm for you while you wait, and through the rest of this process!

Oh, also, if you find a bubble, let me know where I can pick one up. I have a certain babe I'd like to wrap in one this week. :)

~LL~ said...

THANKS, LISA! She hasn't, yet. But, I have been in contact with my pediatrician and she is a HUGE help! Prayers are SO appreciated.

My Kids Mom said...

Definitely keeping you all in thought and prayer. I'm with Catey . . . no matter whether they were paying you for this, or you paying them, it's your baby and you're entitled to make a million calls. Hope that you've rec'd an answer soon - and that things heal up well.

Miss May said...

Hang in there, Mom; you're doing great!

About The Beardslee's said...

I'm always hestitant about calling too, then Dev always reminds me that if we are associated with a Dr and his nurses that gets bothered by questions, then we're dealing with the wrong bunch.

Praying that your lil' man continues to heal.


Anonymous said...

I hope everything is going ok for your little boy.

It's understandable to be worried. But I'm sure everything will be fine :)

I hope he is recovering well and not in pain or discomfort!

His ear is looking so good!


Nifty Thrifty Me! said...

Wow! Blessings to you and yours. You are truly a courageous women, wife, and mother! I know just how you feel when your man is away. It is easy to be strong when you have back up. Not as much when you don't. But you did it! You go girl!

Nifty Thrifty Me! said...

P. S. You are only given this experience once (each one is different as is each child). You are your child's best advocate. As a mother of three grown children, do all you feel you must. We are given one shot. Take it!