Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We have been SO busy.

My 2nd son has just started playing baseball. He loves it. We have not had any problems with practices or games..... until this weekend. We have a tournament. BUT, our coach is so awesome. He is OK with the fact that we will not miss church for a game. I know a lot of people don't see it like we do, but the way we see it, God is not going to judge us on our baseball skills. There are more important things. If we teach our children that God is second to baseball.... well, honestly, I don't want to answer for that.

My 4th son is coping with his trauma of a few weeks ago. For several days, he didn't refer to it. The other day, he wrote me a note that said, "I 'mist' you." He was talking about when he got lost. A few days later he really talked to me about his fears. He was so afraid that he wouldn't see me again and that I would not be able to take care of him. He also said he was afraid he would be stuck at Six Flags forever. That poor little guy.

My 2nd son is in Battle of the Books. He has to read about 11 books.... over 1500 pages... by mid-May. Not too hard.... unless you are 10 and in many extra-curricular activities. So, we just keep plugging along.

This past weekend, we had our District JBQ meet. My older 3 competed. My 3rd competed in a division that couldn't get out of District. My older 2 did compete in a tier with the possibilities of going on. My 2nd son's team didn't not make it. My oldest son's team DID make it.

SO, what are we doing in JBQ? My oldest has every award possible, so we are not learning anything new.... we are just practicing for speed and such. (And yes, I do realize I still need to post on that. I want to video a demonstration.) My 2nd son still needs his Master Seal. We will be able to slow down and work toward that. Then next year, he will be in a good position to be a high-point anchor on one of our top teams. My 3rd wants his first seal, so we will work on learning the rest of the 10s. He knows about 100 out of 288 of that point-value. My 4th.... we will start working on the 10s. He knows about 20 of them, but as competition became more intense, his practice time dwindled immensely. As my oldest is "graduating" the program, I will be able to use him to help us practice.

During our District competition, I quiz mastered. That was intense. It was a LOT of fun, though. I LOVE seeing all the kids and getting to know the coaches. Some of these people, I have seen each year for the past 5. They are truly some great friends. I was surprised to be voted "Favorite Quiz Master" for the Achiever Division. It is quite an honor.... especially considering this was my first year QM'ing and I was up against some seasoned QM's.

I'm about to start couponing again. I don't know how the job situation is going to pan out for this year. I have my application in at the boys' school, as well as the secondary campus. However, the schools are being hit really hard this year. I mean.... when things are looking really bad, cut into education because THAT will help. >:-(

Either way, God is good all the time and we know that we will be OK.

Spring cleaning.

Heh..... that's 'bout all I have to say about that. It hasn't happened. I should have put my list online. BUT, I didn't. Needless to say, I'm behind. Of all the things I put on my list, I probably have 1% done. :-( Will be working on it.

I have to start working on Easter parties. I have 2 of them to plan. That won't be a big deal. I will get parents to help.

I have 4... yep, FOUR... teacher luncheons to plan. I will use a few trusted parent/friends to help me. I don't ask just anyone. I don't trust very many people on some of this stuff. I have yet to decide what I'm going to make. It will either be lasagna, enchiladas, or green chile casserole. I will make the main dish and the desserts and have my helpers bring the bread, drinks and salad.

My hubby and I went to see a band that impersonates Queen. It was a LOT of fun.... more fun watching the old farts pretend they weren't old.

I got a new tattoo the other day. I need to take a picture of it. The only picture I have is right after it was done. It is blood-saturated (is that how you refer to it?) and you can't see the color. It is blue.

OK... that is all I have for now. I need to blog on #3's ear.... the money stuff. Also, I need to put up some new pictures. His ear is looking fabulous!

Have a good one!


Catey said...

Good for you on the Sunday thing. One of my favorite things about living here is that is you never have to worry about Sunday games! :) It's nice.

Totally lol at the concert, sounds like it would have been hilarious!
Looking forward to seeing more on the ear too!

Love you woman!

(also, you should know that my word verification is ovennite. I think that means I should be baking.)

Stef said...

Girl you are a busy bee! :) Congratulations on the great job your kids did at the JBQ match....they were awesome! Chris saw #3's ear and was amazed at how great it looked. I had not shown him any of the pictures that you had posted. You did do a great job as QM and always made the kids and parents feel at ease....way to go! Take care and I know that you will get everything done with time to spare. :)