Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yes, I know.

I have been gone a LONG time..... or have you noticed?

As I don't get too many comments anymore, I am not sure who reads. However, I still enjoy writing. I just hope you will come along.

Extreme Couponing. Have you seen that show? It is CRAZY what these people are doing. As a couponer, I do get questions about this show.

Well, it's not realistic, people. I'm not saying it can't happen.... I'm saying it isn't likely to happen. I seriously doubt that these EC'ers do this all the time. Not only that, but whenever I coupon, I NEVER have such a nice and accommodating cashier.

Just saying.

The end of the world came......

And went.

And we are still here.

I am a bit miffed with the old coot for scaring my boy. He asked if I thought the world would really end. Let me clarify..... THAT DAY! He wanted to know if I thought the world would end THAT DAY. No, I didn't. I asked my oldest, "Who knows when the Rapture will occur?" He immediately said, "Only God, the Father." (Thank you, JBQ.)

My 2nd did finish talking it out to the point of being OK. We remember that since we already have Jesus in our hearts.... well, it doesn't really matter when HE comes back.... we are going. I have some friends and others I know who say, "Well, in the just. don't. know."


I KNOW!!!! And it drives you crazy that you don't know like I know.

Tomorrow is the last day of school.

How can that be? I have a son going into 7th grade next year. My baby finished kindergarten.

I was SO busy this week. Last night, I sat and cried a bit. I realized that I miss them. I miss their needing me. I miss their wanting me around all the time. If I go back to work..... gosh..... my heart already hurts at the time it is going to cost me...... time away from my boys.

I still need to do a post on JBQ...... a big one, especially seeing as how we are going to Nationals in less than a month! WOOHOO!

I have pictures from our JBQ awards ceremony.

I have pictures from kindergarten graduation.

I have pictures from my 3rd son's last surgery.


He's done!

Such a huge thing and *poof.* Done.

I have pictures of our school awards.

This past Sunday, I baked 9 loaves of bread and cut up fruit salad for about 50.

No really.

I did.

After silently celebrating the fact that I pulled all of that off, on top of kinder graduation, Monday's 1st grade end-of-year movie, yesterday's kinder picnic, today's 4th grade party, and awards ceremonies..... well, my oldest informed me that he volunteered my banana-chocolate chip bread for tomorrow.

I didn't get mad.

I LOVE that he feels he can do that..... and that I can. I want him to remember that.

I have family that reads my facebook posts.... prints it.... shows it to my grandmother.... who discusses it with my dad.... who does NOT do facebook.


**ETA: I found out from my cousin, who shares with our g-ma. I think it is cute how family, who does NOT, Facebook actually Facebooks. :-)

I'm not sad that Oprah no longer will have her show. No, I didn't watch it.

I have never liked Oprah. I think she is an iconic figure. I think she has a lot of influence over society. And, I think she is dangerous.

I know.... some of you are ticked by those thoughts.

Really, what's the big surprise there?

I haven't had anyone mad at me in a few days, at least.

We are going to have a busy summer. We start with 2 piano recitals, followed by: a week long trip to Minnesota for JBQ National Festival, swim lessons x 2, camp at a horse ranch x 2, art camp at school x 1, baseball camp x 1, week long trip to Canada and BOSTON (insert falsetto sing-song voice) for my hubby and me...... then, it is time to get ready for school.

During that time, there will be birthday parties, trips to the water park, trips to Six Flags, picnics, uniform buying..... so many other things.

I hope to be a bit more diligent in my writing. I miss it. But, we have been crazy-busy the past few weeks. It will calm down......


Like in about 8 years.


Laurel Santiago said...

I love your blog! Sometimes I wish that I received more comments, but a lot of reading are seeing me and commenting in person, so that's even better. You are going to have an amazing Summer. Maybe we will, too, now that I have my Expedition. Hootie hoo!

Miss May said...

I noticed...always do.

About The Beardslee's said...

I loved this blog :)

Just Me - Again. said...

We are all reading...just not always commenting.