Saturday, May 28, 2011


OK... besides the obvious. I mean, I am always praying for them. But, sometimes.... such as today.... they need prayer that Mom does not totally lose her cool.

The day started off a bit rocky. Apparently, there were several vehicle on our street that were broken into. Fortunately, ours was not. I'm sure the combination of locked FTU, motion-sensored light, and prayers for protection over our property all played a role.

We had a productive morning. We all worked on the house... which is still a disaster, just not as bad as it was last night.

My 3rd, who just had his stitches removed came screaming in to me with MORE blood.... from his ear. BUT, it was from his good ear... but from where the stitches are from the surgery. (Yes, work was done on his other ear.... I'll explain that later.) Anyway, the ear is still attached, so no worries. Just a warning that it is still a little early to play dog-pile.... even if you are "top-dog."

We went to a birthday party. Cake with frosting (lots of refined sugar) and 2 hours of playing in 96 degrees made for some hot, antsy and cranky boys. There was a mandated "quiet time." Mainly, it was to cool off.

Then it started.... "He stole my beyblade!"

"No, I didn't!"

"YES! YOU! DID!!!!" (Each word climbing in shrillness.)

Then, when watching tv, #1 kicked #3.

"Go to your room."

He unplugged our tv/sound system. (It goes through the wall into the closet in his room.)

"You will go to bed early for being ugly."

#4 saw me spraying some Febreeze in my room.

"Can I try?"

"Honey, I would rather not."

Ten minutes later, come into the kitchen to find/smell Febreeze on every drawer, lower cabinet, oven, fridge, microwave, door, and floor in the kitchen. On top of all that, he decided to glue nice, new, and pre-sharpened pencils (a hot commodity in my house) to a composition notebook.


"You are going to bed early because of your disobedience."

Mom puts herself in timeout.

Mom comes out.

Mom gets a rag to start cleaning up a very "Febreezey" kitchen.

Mom gets squirted with the sink "squirter." It seems #2 decided that THIS was the time to play a joke.

"You are going to bed early.... clean up that water."

Now, having sat and typed for a bit, I probably need to visit with #2. Knowing him, he was trying to diffuse the situation... he just doesn't understand that when Mom is having a bad day, everyone should go to their own little rocks and leave her alone.

She doesn't do well, some days.


About The Beardslee's said...

O LL, I've had that same kind of day today with two teenagers & a 42 yr old man. I finally got in the truck and went to visit a friend. I was soooo over the craziness in the house.

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Sounds like my day yesterday! hang in there mama!!

Anonymous said...

hugs mama!!