Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So, the 2 of you who read know that I am all about the holidays.

I have already had two *panics* in the last few weeks.

The first involves cards. Usually, if I order them, they are in AND being worked on, slowly but surely, to go out BY December 5.

If I make them, I'm usually WELL underway with said crafting.

SO, what is she doing this year? SHE IS MAKING THEM!

Has she started yet? NO, SHE HASN'T!


Panic #2: I met with one of *my* teachers today, to talk about classroom stuff. (I 'm a room-mom in 2 classes and co-room mom in another.) Two of these classes will have relatively involved events, come Thanksgiving. The other? Not sure yet.

I was happily driving home when I realized that, after this week, we have 3 weeks before Thanksgiving break.

SREEEEEEE VEEEEEEEKS! (sorry.... inside joke)

I haven't even introduced myself to the other room moms.... the polite thing to do before I go in and take over everything. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (rubbing palms together.)

OK... I'm not THAT bad.


Anyway, I haven't introduced myself to the other room moms, to the parents... nothing like that. They are probably thinking that these teachers do not have a room mom. Of course, if they know that my child is in their classroom, then they KNOW who the room mom is, but there are a few folks out there who have not, yet, been formally introduced to yours truly.

That being said, upon this realization, I got on email, lickety-split, and asked the teachers when, NEXT WEEK, I can meet with them (with the other room moms) to get the ball rolling.

It is not too late. I have not run out of time. But, I mustn't dilly-dally.

HEH..... I used "lickety-split" for the first time.... EVER!


Kaira said...

I still read but I hardly ever get online and it's a pain to leave comments from my cell phone but I actually got online today just to leave a comment. I love it when you blog. :)

~Jamie~ said...

I read as well but never ALWAYS get a smile on my face though!! I love that you find time to do all seriously are super woman to me!