Friday, October 28, 2011


My oldest boy..... this one....

Well, he had a bit of an accident today. He, one of his brothers (DS #2) and DH were going deer hunting. We had no school today, due to staff development, AND it is "youth hunt" weekend, so the 3 boys, and some friends, took advantage of the time off.

My boys got to the lease early. They started scouting out the feeders, and such, in order to be sure everything was ready for the morning. DH sent the 2 boys out on 4-wheelers.

Let's just say, "Thank God for helmets."

Basically, the boys went one way, DH another. (DS #1 has a phone.) They weren't at the lease 10 minutes when DH got a call from DS #1... "Dad. I'm hurt."

He had come over a slight rise, going down into a ditch.... except the ditch wasn't too deep or wide. He came over and the front end bit the dirt.... sudden stop. Head hit the handle bars (helmet.... he's OK), his leg got a bit banged up, but he took a lot of the impact on his right arm.

Yes, he has a buckle fracture. The 2nd break in his young life. Same arm, close to the same place. He is right-handed, so he will have a bit of difficulty with school work. Also, his guitar lessons will be put on hold. How long? Not quite sure.

He will go to an ortho. in the next 3-5 days and get a cast. I'm currently trying to figure that one out, as I'm supposed to chaperone a field trip on Monday, meet with 1st grade room moms on Tuesday, meet with 2nd grade room moms on Wednesday, and chaperone another field trip on Thursday. (I currently have no plans for Friday, but that is a week away. I'm SURE something will come up soon.)

Yeah.... that's the excitement in our house.


kguilhas said...

Awww the joys of boys!

Ginger said...

Praying for a quick healing, so far 2 of mine have had breaks, one who should have gotten stitches ages ago just bypassed them again yesterday. LOL