Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I have been busy. What about you all?

The holidays are here. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. And I...... just made my menu. :-(

I am SO behind, but it is all good.

I am now, officially, a CPR Instructor. I will be starting to teach soon, I hope. I need to observe a few classes before I start teaching. There are a few things I need to watch.

I'm nervous as all get-out.

No.... that isn't bold enough.

I'm completely terrified.....and excited.

My oldest son is doing well. He got his cast a little over a week ago, but his arm is quite swollen. So, they split the cast, and taped it. We go in on Monday to get it tightened. Then, the Monday after Thanksgiving is when he will have it removed. After that, he will have 4 more weeks of restriction. That puts us the day after Christmas. :-( Poor thing. He was wanted to try out for the basketball team and he will miss the entire season.

I am planning 2 parties for the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. One is a feast. One is a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Fun, but work.....on top of the 376 or so things that I feel are on my list. :-) But, I LOVE this time of year... just for this reason.

I didn't get to do my pumpkins this year. Still time? Maybe. I don't know if I can get the tiny pumpkins still. Oh well.... what do you do?

See, here's what happens. I plan all year. (If you read me at all, you know that I look forward to Christmas all year. :-) ) Anyway, I keep putting off stuff until timing is better. Or until I'm done with this, or finished with that. Then, I find that I am almost out of time.

Next year.... HAHA! We shall see.

I have a few Christmas crafts I am wanting to work on.

I was supposed to have my tree up LAST week.... didn't happen. I don't remember why. :-(

I have about 80 Christmas cards to make. I have NO idea how, or when, that will happen. *sigh* I don't have time to start, just yet.

Heck, I just got laundry caught up. Since I finished my long-term subbing stint, I have *maybe* had 3 days at home.

I have a list 2 miles long.

That makes me happy.

My teeth still hurt. Not as bad, but still. I'm tired of dental issues. SO. Tired.

OK.... I'm done.

I'll try to be back soon.

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