Saturday, May 05, 2012


Well, that's just it, really. I don't know if I have a point to tonight's post.

I thought about blogging about DS #3's hearing issue. It is still there. We are going to the doctor on Monday. 

You know, I have always known that God talks to people in dreams. He doesn't usually talk to me in dreams. No, things just come to me. Sometimes I miss it. Sometimes, I pass it off, until hindsight, then I realize it was God. Sometimes, I know it is God right when it happens.

When I only had 2 kids, for some reason, I always felt that there would be hearing issues in my family. I never felt more than that. I didn't attribute it to a God-warning. I just thought it was a paranoid "Mom-thing." 

Then, #3 was born with only 1 ear. So, I thought.... "That WAS a God-thing." Only one problem....1 ear didn't necessarily mean a hearing issue. Well, it did, but it didn't. I mean, yeah, there is an ear that has little hearing, but the hearing in his other ear has been (up until the last 2 weeks) perfect. His speech and language has been spot on. His reading level was 5th grade toward the end of 1st grade. He is getting it. 

Two things went through my head (and they were skittish? No.... FLEETING!) These thoughts were fleeting. I didn't really pay attention to them, though they did cross my mind. One was, "This wasn't the warning. Please God, don't let anything worse happen." The other was, "Well, if this is the hearing issue, then thank you, God, that it isn't worse."

I'm pretty grounded in my faith and in certain practices. I often "speak things as though they were." In fact, some things, I will NOT speak, nor will I continually think about, lest they come to pass. 

Now this. This whole hearing thing has rocked my world. :-(  Will we make it? Certainly! That is not even in debate. I just feel the stress in that we just don't know what is going on. I even tried to prove that he was faking. Nope.... he has asked me too many times, to repeat myself. *sigh* So, come Monday, we will go to my pediatrician for another test. She wants to "check for birdies in his ear." I just hope he has a whole bunch of those blasted birdies crammed in his ear. 

Wow..... that was more that I anticipated.

I even though about how cool it would be to live in Walnut Grove, a la Little House on the Prairie....especially back in the day. I could rock those dresses. I could totally be a one-room schoolhouse teacher. I could pop out the babies and cook on a fire. But, good gravy, I'm most certain that I wouldn't have access to 5 1/2 inch blue suede pumps, CFAST, or Chipotle.  No....THIS is the time is for me. :-)

We missed the SuperMoon. Well, kind of. I *did* forget.... but it was cloudy. And, it WILL happen again....despite what might be popping around facebook. 

I just realized that I never put up a JBQ post. I am disappointed in that. But, here is where it gets crazy. I was disappointed, for the longest time, that I didn't put it up, because my oldest ROCKED JBQ! He has some crazy awards that nobody in church has, nor are they close to getting. One of the awards, he is one of about 65 that has it.... IN THE NATION. 

SO, I didn't blog it, was all disappointed because, frankly, I felt that maybe JBQ greatness for our family would continue..... later..... much later. Mainly because my #2, had no interest.


Now, I hazard a guess that my #2 is as good, if not a hair better than #1. AND, he still has a year left. That is CRA-ZY! In fact, you know the above statement, in which I said that nobody in our church (of about 4,000) had the award that #1 had.... nor were they close? Well, I have to add to that. My 2nd son will probably get those remaining 3 awards by the end of the year. He is crazy-good!

So, I promise.... I don' t know when, but a JBQ post WILL BE COMING! I will discuss #1's achievements, as well as #2's. Keep in mind, #3 and #4 are also involved. 

I also want to discuss summer, but as I have to get up early and sing in the morning, and my throat is a bit scratchy (from cheering my son's baseball team to victory, AND from *encouraging* my children out of the pool).... well, I need to go rest. I just pray that I'm not croaky in the morning.

I will be back kind of soon. I really want to post a blog about summer. We are doing lots and are going to accomplish lots.

I hope you come back!

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Catey said...

Not knowing is so hard. Especially for those of us take control, make things happen, be organized kind of people...definitely a challenge to just sit back and wait and trust. Always amazing lessons to be learned of course, but that doesn't make the waiting any easier. :)

Congrats on the awesome JBQ accomplishments!!