Wednesday, May 02, 2012



I hate the new blogger.... 

Now that I have that off my chest, I can tell you about my prayer request yesterday. 

In a few weeks, we celebrate the year anniversary of Verne's completion. You remember Verne, don't you? DS #3's ear? 

Since he doesn't have an ear canal in Verne, his hearing is naturally diminished in that ear. Because of that, we have always made sure to check his ear, check his speech development....just do whatever to make sure his hearing, in the other ear, stays at 100%. 

For the past 9 years, his ear has been great. His speech has been developing right on target. Pair that with a beautiful new ear, and we have no complaints.

Until we noticed, last week, that #3 was getting frustrated, having angry outbursts, and needing us (Mom and Dad) to repeat ourselves.

Trying to keep a cool head, we verified that there was no fever, or any other obvious problems. We then asked the school nurse to conduct a hearing screening on DS #3. You know the kind....with the headphones? Raise your hand to indicate when, and which side, you hear the tone? That one? remember.

He heard nothing. 

Can you imagine that phone call? Can you imagine how you would feel when you find out that your sweet baby told the nurse that, "I watch my teacher's lips for when she stops talking. Then, I raise my hand to find out what to do."

His teacher told me, this morning, that the students have been working with #3.....helping him when his teacher is speaking to him. They make sure he is watching her, when instructions are specific. His teacher is also going up to him and speaking directly to him.

I took DS #3 to the doctor yesterday. There was a lot of hard, compacted wax in his ear. Digging it out not only hurt him, but it caused further inflammation in that ear. *sigh* 

The doctor did another hearing test. He failed. But, what totally stinks about that is I was told that the hearing test is one only used for infants....that "we would never do this on bigger people. In fact, it is not the greatest test there is."


SO, what did I do? I got on facebook with my pediatrician. (The reason I didn't go to her, in the first place, was because she is on vacation and the other doctors in the office were booked.) My pediatrician, being THE ABSOLUTE BOMB, answered my concerns and told me what we needed to do.

What now? Well, we are putting hydrogen peroxide in his ear, to help soften and loosen the wax. On Friday, I will have the school nurse check again. (I am teaching a CPR class on Friday and can't get him to the doctor.) BUT, I do know that my pediatrician really wants to get her hands on him, so we are shooting for Monday.

We are not worried..... well, "we" as in everyone else. I think my hubs is a bit concerned. I'm more than that, but not beside myself with despair. I will simply do what my pediatrician says, follow up, as necessary, and bombard Heaven on my son's behalf.

Prayers for my son are greatly appreciated. 

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lana said...

Praying and expecting God to do a work!