Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 PART 2 the blog I just finished talked about my difficulties in successfully completing my projects. I don't feel badly.....necessarily. Perhaps if I did a "20/20 Blog" where I looked at all I DID do....

Maybe next year. 

SO, this year, I wanted to get the family involved in the projects we intend to take on. I told them all to consider physical, spiritual, family, and individual. I also just asked for 3 goals from each of my boys. 

I will let you know what they are.

First, I will say that all the boys said they want to read through the New Testament this year. So, I printed up a reading schedule. I also will get you-version app on their iPods so they can listen to it. As reading through the Bible is one of my goals, I will read the NT portion of my reading, with my youngest. I know that it could be a bit overwhelming for an 8 year old. we go. (For the record, the littles followed the bigs in their goals...which is OK.)

DS 1: Save up more money, be nicer to the brothers, read through the NT.

DS 2: Save up more money, act nicer toward the family, read through the NT.

DS 3:  Save $120, act nicer to his brothers, read through the NT, get his 20, 30 and Master Seals in JBQ, and something that is written in code :-) 

DS 4: Be nicer to family, save some money, read through the NT, get a JBQ seal, and focus on what he is doing

Let me break here for just a second. First off....those who know my #4, know the value of this statement: "focus on what he is doing." I did not give him this idea. At first, I thought it was just a cute little 8 year old thing. But, kind of hit me how astounding that statement is. How many times do you just get through stuff? I, myself, have often said (especially in the last 4 months) that I am *just surviving.*


That is not my job! I am to focus on what I am doing, and more importantly, who I am with at the time. 

So, now? That is one of my goals, too! 

Some of my goals are: Read through the Bible, exercise regularly, limit sodas to only when eating out, schedule my housekeeping duties, read more.....those were the ones I wrote down. But, let me take a few moments to add more. 

  • call my grandmother regularly
  • more walks with my kids
  • 1-on-1 dates with my boys (even the hubby) quarterly
  • make *some* Christmas cards
  • clean out my corner of the garage and donate, toss, or use my teaching stuff
  • start riding my bike with my boys
  • wake up to a clean kitchen.....daily
  • limit eating out to 14% of the time.....that's 3 out of 21 meals (yes....I did the calculation, LOL!)
  • schedule my boys to be more active in helping around the house....not just their rooms
  • blog more.....maybe once a month? Surely, once a month!
  • earn my 101 Club in JBQ
  • reprint the boys' chore/responsibility charts
  • RELAX!!!
When I say "relax," I don't mean to rest and not do anything. I mean, to just chill.....not be so uptight. If I learn to relax, it will help me to meet another goal to focus on what I am doing. I am usually wound tighter than an 8-day clock. Because of that, I might be on step 5, but focused on 9 and 10. Not. Good.

That seems like a lot now...especially with teaching. 

Speaking of teaching....I am finally at a peaceful place. So much has to do with getting my body clock adjusted to falling asleep earlier and waking earlier than normal. And, of course, it depends on hubby's schedule and my cycle. (TMI, I know....but it is life changing to know that how you handle things depends on the time of month. LOL) 

Well....thanks for reading. I hope I see you again least by February. :-)


tmcrumpton said...

Sounds like awesome goals.

erik dansereau said...

Sounds like you have good goals in place, the eating out is the part i need to work on.