Tuesday, July 07, 2015


I have a lot of curse words right now. I had a post, last night.....a LONG post.....but, due to some technical difficulties (namely a problem with Blogger) it did not post.


This won't be near as long, because now? I'm just ticked!

Basically, here's what we have going on. I am on a new weight-loss journey life-style change.

Why? and Why now? Well....I'm getting older. I don't want to be old and fat, simply put. I'm not doing a great job setting examples for my kids. It makes me very.....sad.....to feel so hypocritical. So, here I go.

The reason I am letting you in on it is because I have a pride issue. If you know I'm doing this, then I'M GOING TO DO IT! The whole family will be involved, somehow.

"So, what are you doing?"

I'm glad you asked!

I'm doing the 21 day Fix with 3 day kickstart by Beachbody. I have a friend who recently did this challenge. I have another friend from high school, who is a coach. I listed her as my coach, spent my cash, and now? I'm working toward a better and happier me. It really does not have to do with vanity and my looks. I've popped out 4 babies. There are going to be some things on me that are....um.....shall we say....in a different place than they were originally.

My issue is I love food. I love to cook. I'm kind of a foodie. These are all OK....depending on the choices made. Sadly, I have made some unwise choices in the past.

"But, ~LL~! Why not do one of the other programs out there? The ones your friends do?"

Well, let me tell ya. I've tried a lot of them....with varying degrees of success. Let's do a run-down, shall we?

Good ol' calorie and fat counting: I was good at this. It was successful. It was....*whispers* 60 pounds ago. I loved the numbers. I weighed everything. I read labels. I learned what foods held what nutrients. I could look at a plate, and tell you how many calories (and fat calories) were on that plate. If you wanted to lose weight, I could tell you how many calories and fat calories you needed. Why did I stop? Lazy? Immature? Bored? Busy? Maybe a bit of all

Medifast: Successful. Food? Gross. I was ok for about 10 pounds. But, honestly? The food got to me. After awhile, I could no longer handle the cup of doped up fortified soups and powdered eggs.

HCG: Successful. But, BORING! I did get tired of eating 1 melba toast with a bunch of lettuce and some tomatoes. Having a semi-regular dinner was just not enough. The big reason, though, was that I was putting hormones into my body. I don't like that.

Plexus: Yep.....successful....somewhat. It got to where it wasn't working for me. The BioCleanse? Yea....it's cleans like I do. Have you seen my house? I did like the pink drink. It helped me sleep. Honestly, exhaustion will take care of things and I will eventually sleep.

ItWorks: Kind of successful. I didn't lose weight, but I LOVE the Greens. First, I KNOW what's in there. Second, the wraps. I do like them. But, the pills? I'm not keen on taking pills, I'm not gonna lie. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm NOT granola. I would rather chop down a tree to read a book, than to hug it. But, when it comes to fake junk getting pumped into my body....I'm not a fan. (Please, spare me to sermon on *You drink sodas! That's crap!* Yes....I KNOW!!! I'M WORKING ON IT!!!)

Thrive: this is a touchy subject as I have a lot of friends doing it. I have even lost a friend because of it. But, let's not open up THAT wound.  It was not successful, but it was not a failure. I mean, I lost nothing. Did I feel energy? Yep....the first day. And I gotta say, it was concerning. I mean, I would start my day with tea and have a soda mid-day. On the first day, I didn't have either, but with 2 little pills and the patch......HOLY SMOKES! I couldn't run fast enough. Talk fast enough. I was wound tighter than an 8-day clock.  Yes...I DID give it my time. A full month and $150. It is not worth it for me. Besides, I do not know (to this day) what all is in the patch or the pills. That's an issue. Yes....I'm.....chunky, but I do try to eat REAL foods. I just eat too much of it, and it's not all considered *clean*.

Which brings me to the 21 day fix. They send these boxes (fancy, colored, square measuring cups) to *retrain* you in portion control. From what I'm seeing, there will be a LOT of food I can eat. It's all whole foods. Clean foods. I can, if I choose, have a Shakeology shake once a day, but I don't have to. I'm not popping pills. I'm not wearing a patch. It's just.....real. And life. Once I'm done, I can maintain without spending money (or selling it in order to have my products for free.)

The horrible thing about this? The 3 day kickstart. HO!LY!SMOKES! It was awful. Very low cal, 3 shakes a day, very little food, and a fiber sweep. Yep, it was as bad as it sounds. No....I didn't live in the bathroom. But, the drink? Well...you know how okra gets slimy? Imagine a drink of gritty, lightly citrus-y, okra juice. I did cheat on day one. My headache (remember the tea and soda?) was SO bad, and I was SO hungry, that I ate 1/2 banana, took 4 Tylenol, and drank 1/2 cup milk....then went to bed with an ice pack. My poor kids. But, they have been troopers.

I am happy to say, that this morning, I am down 4.4 pounds.

Now, I will not be posting before/after pics. I'm not looking for kudos. I will not be telling you how much I weigh. I will say that I would like to lose 35-50 pounds.

That being said: I've got lunch to prepare. Any encouragement and prayers are welcome. Please, if you do know me, and care to comment, I ask you to NOT put identifying information in your comments. 


Anonymous said...

LL, So fun to see your post pop up in my feed today, as I was just here probably within the last week reading your old posts and wondering what had happened with you. I have had some really positive results with Plexus myself, but at some point there was a formula change in the slim and I too found it to be much less effective after that where weight loss was concerned. However I do really love some of the other Plexus products. I've heard good things about the 21 day fix, and have considered it somewhat, but haven't decided to bite the bullet yet. I'm anxious to hear how things go for you, and hope you blog often.

Great to see you again!

~LL~ said...

Kaira! My friend! Glad to see you, too, ma'am.

Miss May said...

I'm glad you are back! I always enjoy reading your writings. xoxo