Saturday, December 30, 2006


OK...I was tagged by a very dear friend of mine. She has asked that I list 6....ONLY SIX....oddities about myself. My DH laughed long and hard and helped to narrow them down. He even added a few extras, but I'll list my faves and what I consider to be most odd.

If you are reading this and have your own blog, list your own little quirks....let me know! I would LOVE to read about the real, the weird, the really weird you!

Oddity #1: I eat one thing at a time. Most children, during toddler age, get picky and do not like their foods to touch. Some will only eat one thing at a time. But, most have grown out of it. At the tender age of 35 *ahem* almost 36, I STILL eat one thing at a time. Not only that, but I refill one thing at a time, usually. For example, when I've eaten my potatoes, if I want more, I will get more, regardless of what is on my plate. What's more is I eat my favorite thing last. This has proven to NOT be a good thing. I usually clean my plate...starting with the least fave and ending with the fave. Well, I could be getting full by the time I get to my fave...but since it is my fave, I continue to eat until it is consumed. Because it is my fave, I usually have seconds. Do you see the insanity?

Oddity #2: I have a thing with condiments. I don't really know what it would be called, so I'll just describe it. I eat ketchup on fries and ALL meat. I eat mustard or mayo on my sandwiches. I dip chips in salsa and eat salad dressing on salads. But I CANNOT lick the extra off my finger or the knife or spoon. EEEEWWWWWWW!!!! I just have a rigor thinking about it. It MUST MUST MUST be wiped off with a towel. Did I say, "EEEEWWWWWWW?!?!?!?!"

Oddity #3: I CANNOT TOLERATE GEL TOOTHPASTE. That stuff really creeps me out and makes me want to gag at just the thought. RIGOR!!!!

Oddity #4: Fan noise....I can hear it when it is pert near non-existent. My hubby doesn't even hear it half the time. It will wake me from a dead sleep. A little squeak; the chain tap-tap-tapping against the globe; the whine of the vibration as the fan sways is no worse than Chinese Water Torture. DO YOU HEAR THAT?

Oddity #5: I HATE animal movies. This includes all Disney cartoons, as well. Benji, Lassie, Old Yeller, Fox and the Hound, Charlotte's Web...I hate them all. Why? Think about it. Something bad ALWAYS happens to one of the animals! Bambi? He's cute and all with his little spots...Thumper? Flower? Why do we meet them? Because Bambi's momma got shot, that's why!

Oddity #6: I have to listen to talk radio during the night. I HAVE TO! If I don't....shoot, I don't know...I might go crazy. (HA! I hear you debating it's a trip to be taken in the future.) Even during Christmas when so many stations played Christmas music 24/7. Well, I listened to it about 16/7. The other 8 hours...on talk radio. Why? My hubby asked the same thing. I spend a lot of time alone at hubby is a pilot. I like a bit of low noise. However, music tends to fluctuate in volume. So there. On the plus side, I'm usually right on top of the weather and the traffic.

SO...that is a peek into the very scary personality that is me. Hope to see you again soon.


claudemarie said...

Hi LL Happy New Year!

Lingalls said...

LL, I am with you on #5..... I wouldn't say that I them, but they definitely bother me. I am known to avoid them, which may surprise some people...

Mommy Spice said...

Crack me up!!! Daddy Spice also eats one thing at a time. I'm with you on the condiments. Love them on food, won't lick them off of anything. I can't sleep without a fan, because all the other noises wake me up.

Wasn't that fun?