Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Psycho...I mean PsyCHIC

OK...I'm not one to watch a lot of talk shows. Every now and then, I might watch Dr. Phil, but those times are few and far between. I REALLY don't like Oprah and anything besides those two are just trash. (I'm sorry to offend anyone, but please...don't you have underwear to fold?)

Well, I was flipping through all 12 of my channels (LOL...really, only 12. Nope, we don't have a TV with a channel dial, but I don't have cable, dish or anything else fancy and can ONLY get 12 channels through my antennae...of course, if I were Mexican and if I could "hablo espanol" I could get another 12 or so...but I digress.) ANYWAY, while skating through my 12 channels, I saw a book flash on the screen about psychic children. The author? Sylvia Brown. Now, if you are worth ANY Christian salt at all, you know this woman is PURE EVIL!

I watched for about 4 minutes. Montel was promoting her book and excitedly showing off this spiritual freak to anyone insecure enough to need assistance. These people had "ghosts" in there homes. Their houses were "haunted." They wanted info on "spirit guides." It all came back to, "Children see more than we should encourage their psychic abilities, should they start to exhibit them."

This statement gave me chills. Not only is she going to hell, but she is telling these TRULY CONCERNED parents that it is OK what they are seeing and hearing. She said, "There are no evil spirits, just evil people." WHAT?

She said that if you want to get rid of the spirits in your home, you should call them by name and tell them to go. You are to remind them that they are dead and ask them to "go home to God." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

When it came to one dead person that happened to be terrifying a 2 year old child, the mom was told to tell "Jeffery to go back to the 'Christ consciousness.'" I have no retort...I am still stunned about that one.

I am like the cowardly lion on The Wizard of Oz: "I do believe in spooks! I DO believe in spooks! I do, I do, I DO believe in spooks!"

OK...not quite in that manner, but I do believe there are evil spirits. I do believe they can haunt a home and a person. I believe they can cause harm, whether directly or indirectly. The only difference is this: instead of trying to figure out who (because I KNOW who) is behind all of the vile events happening in the neighborhood, and asking them to "please go to are dead." I will remind this EVIL SPIRIT that it IS from the pit and that it is CAST OUT of my home in the name of JESUS CHRIST and cannot approach my family, nor my home, ever again.

All believers out there need to hit your knees and start praying the blood over your families, especially your children. We are at war! BRING IT ON!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think that lady is on his show once a week. When I am flipping through channels, I see her on all the time, but have never stopped and watched it.

Mommy Spice said...

Woo-Hoo, preach it girl!! I'm right there with ya!!

I watched a "Dateline" show about children confused about their sexuality...I'm a boy, but I'm a girl trapped inside. So, the "experts" encouraged parents to let them dress and act as the opposite sex. UGH!! Are you kidding me?!!