Sunday, August 05, 2007

How many sleeps?

So, last time we talked about this, we were a mere eight months away. It ain't long, folks! I posted on April 25th...with URGENCY...the need to start thinking about Christmas. You can read about it here. Well, guess what? Almost FOUR MONTHS have passed! Have you been keeping up? Are you getting ready? How many sleeps before Christmas?

It really is a family joke...a serious one, but still, something my hubby and I laugh about. He teases me about my passion for the holidays. And I don't mind because I know that HE knows that I'm truly serious about it all.

It usually goes something like this (and it generally starts in June.) Picture this...we are in bed. (Stop right there. Don't imagine anything. It does not matter what we are...or are not...wearing. The point I'm trying to make is that my hubby is usually asleep...or close to.) I roll over to face him and usually, I just grin. When he feels my intense stare, he looks up and says, "WHAT?!" I continue to grin and say, "Honey? It's June." Then, he knows. He knows exactly where I'm going with the opener. He knows that I'm going to tell him that Christmas is ONLY 6 months away. He knows I'm going to reach for my pad of paper and a pen and start to jot down gift ideas, or a card list or menu ideas.

And honestly, I am not being silly....I really do all of that. And though my sweet hubby rolls his eyes, says "Oh my gosh" and tries to roll over to sleep, he knows that all the squeaking he hears would be from the wheels turning in my wee brain. He knows that the smell of smoke is just a by-product of all the activity in my noggin, AND if he is lucky, the inhalation will lead to a quick and peaceful time of unconsciousness.

We must get real, folks. It is no longer June. We have only 4 months and a few days to get ready for THE day. Well...not get ready...but to celebrate. You only have about 3.5 months to actually get DONE being ready.

Stick with me and I will walk you through the holidays relatively unscathed, going crazy over what to get whom, what and when to bake, possible menu items and the whole insanity which is the holiday season.

Your homework...and this should be done by to choose and order your Christmas cards. I have. :D If you order through Walter Drake by September 5, you get FREE personalization on your envelopes.




Miss May said...

You are insane, and I love you!

Ashley said...

I LOVE your outlook on the holidays. I feel the same way and my family thinks I'm nuts! These last 2 weeks I've been singing "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" because it's so stinkin' hot in Texas! I'm going to add you to my sidebar so I can remember to come by, okay? ;)

~LL~ said...

Cool, Ahley!

and you are is SO HOT here in TX!

Anonymous said...

Guuuurl, This brings me back to this time last year at MOPS when I thought you were crazy about doing your menu for Thanksgiving so early. It makes me smile! Love ya!

Mommy Spice said...

I was at the Disney Store yesterday and looked at a shirt my nephew would love. I thought, "What about Christmas...?" Then I thought, "Nah, it's too early." You would have fallen over had you been there huh? I am the one who starts shopping about 3 weeks before Christmas, however, our tree better be going up right after Thanksgiving day!

~LL~ said...

HEE HEE! Miss T, you should have run when you had the chance. You are only just learning of my strangeness! LOL!!!! Bring your notebook on Sunday and we will make a divider entitled "HOLIDAYS!"