Tuesday, June 24, 2008


There are a few absolutes in life. But this post is not about things religious. The absolutes I am referring to are specific to our family. They don't HAVE to be absolute...they just seem to be.

"Here is "Absolute Truth #1". Powdered sugar is out to injure my hubby. It is true (heh...hence the title). For years now - at least the last 16 - it seems that my hubby, and powdered sugar have had a rather, um, explosive relationship. Only on our trip to Chicago did it become obvious.

You see, usually, when my hubby partakes of something with the confectioner's delight, he has a coughing fit. It is usually following a bite of powdered donut, or cake with a decent dusting. He ALWAYS takes a bite, and before he can swallow, starts a coughing streak. I usually laugh. He has yet to turn blue...he always recovers. Still, it's funny as all get out.

We decided this had to be an absolute truth when we were on our dinner cruise. DH got a bread pudding. It was YUMMY! He took his first bite and immediately started with his spasm of sputtering. We investigated his dessert and saw that there was just the slightest bit of a dusting on his plate....HIS PLATE! heh...it is still funny =)

"Absolute Truth #2" Bleach is NO FRIEND to my hubby. If there is any bleach, out of its container, and my hubby happens to saunter by, a drop of the bleach will leap out of the basin and splash onto my hubby. And he wears it in the oddest places....his left buttock, his right shirt sleeve, collar...anywhere but where you would expect the stuff to naturally splatter. I work with the stuff and 90% of the time, end up "UN-dotted." He sniffs in my direction and the stuff attacks.

This is how true this is....I dilute the stuff. In fact, you would probably have to soak something really dark, for a few hours, to get a lightening of color. My hubby walks past and next thing I know, we are tossing out something that has a dot or two of bleached out fabric. I even give verbal warnings...only by avoiding the location with about a 3 foot radius (which seems to be the "jumping capability" of the stuff) can he wear his clothes another day.

Well, there you have it. Another oddity in my family.


Anonymous said...

Tell "hubby" to stop eating powedered sugar products and LL, stop buying bleach. Problem solved! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i meant powdered! why don't you ever edit that!

~LL~ said...

HEH....I didn't notice....sorry

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. I never knew that powdered donuts had that affect on people.

Anonymous said...

I always sneeze after putting a mint in my mouth. The same thing happens to my sister.

But, it does look like your DH has a lot of work in the yard clothes in designer Polka Dots!!