Saturday, June 28, 2008


I apologize NOW for anyone I might offend.

Mexican TV....I'm not talking about news, soaps or such that are for spanish speaking audience....I'm talking about a comedy show, "a que no puedes." (which means, "Betcha Can't.")

You have probably done what I was doing this evening, mindlessly flipping through the tv channels, looking for something to watch. Most of you have cable, dish or satellite, so your trip through the channels is a LOT takes me about 23 seconds. One channel that escaped our deletion is channel 29.

Now I have often come across British programs on PBS. Some are lame, some are quite is pretty twisted, but leaves me fascinated. It's called "Posh Nosh." It is supposedly a cooking show, but really disturbing. (I hope it doesn't disappoint people that I laugh at this....I have only seen it twice.)

"Lard makes me think of fat people in the co-op. Perhaps you're one of them." roflmbo!!!

But, Posh Nosh is not the reason I'm posting. No, this show "a que no puedes" is just weird.

Here is what I can tell (can't understand anything, though I'm sure one dude referred to his grandma at one point.)

Some dude, with really bad hair hosts a game show. There are scantily clad dancing girls....heh, I could do that, even with my body now. AND there are 2 clowns, for lack of a better title. All I know is one of them MIGHT be a hottie...except I can't get past his nose. LOL!

Go to the above link. Look to the right where it says "video." Play it and take a look.

Well, tonight, there was a singing group (the one where the lead was crooning about his grandmother) that was pretty good. The girls...well, they were a bit fluffy, but had GREAT hair. And there was a person. Anyway, at the end, this mi...little person bowled himself under the legs of all who were on stage. NO KIDDING!

There were about 8 people who lined up, legs spread. And Shorty (not his real name) slid, on the floor, under these guys. I laugh just thinking about it.

I don't know...just thought I would share.


Kaira said...

Are these people serious or is it some kind of a joke? This is the most absurd cooking show I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE british comedies. People either hate them or love them, but few get them.

Anonymous said...

No No Clowns!!! I hate clowns!!!

Anonymous said...

I love watching things like this, I think they are hilarious. Hey it's July 1st only 5 more months :p