Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I have a friend who reads my blog and has, quite recently, become fascinated with one of the blogs that I read. The blog author is not someone I know at all. In fact, most of the blogs I read...well, I know 4 of the blog authors personally. The others, I have either "met" them through another message board, or I have connected with them through another blog.

For the most part, I don't think about the honesty of these writers. The people I KNOW seem to be honest in their posts. By that, I mean that their online "personalities" seem to match who they are. And I think (and hope) that people could say the same about me.

My aforementioned friend emailed me the other day, and referring to a blog author, said: "She is not who she says she is." didn't really upset me. I mean, I have no vested interest in this particular blogger. There are certain things I like about what she has to say. There are some things that leave me wondering about the state of things. AND there are some things I just roll my eyes and say, "Whatever."

But, this friend's comment did start me thinking on bloggers, in general. What an easy way for someone to be who they want to be?

Is it a problem?

Is this wrong?

Is is a lie?

I think the answers to these questions can be both "yes" and "no."

Is it a problem? I think it is not a problem unless the author slips into being delusional, thus causing problems for those around him or her. I also think it could be a problem if the reader is so caught up into what he or she is saying that the reader changes what would normally be done, based on a person's writings.

Is this wrong? Refer to the previous answer. I don't think fantasy or imagination is wrong. I mean, don't we encourage our own children to use their imaginations and to read fiction? But the minute my child, who often pretends to be Superman, decides to jump off a building, then the imagination becomes a problem. Once a person's fiction is life-altering, then caution MUST be used.

Is the blog author lying? In essence.....yes. That is if the author is trying to pass him- or herself off as something they are not.

Basically, the way I feel is this....BUYER BEWARE! I mean, are reading what the author wants you to read. There is no regulation on what a person writes. The blog author can be as crude and vile, or as pristine and holy as he or she wants to be.

Blogs can be educational. Blogs can be informative. Blogs can encourage you to do things you wouldn't normally try. Blogs can be fun to read...and write.

Blogs can give misinformation. Blogs can contain filth that is not fit for any decent human being. Blogs can lead to jealousy and cause one to be misguided.

If you are going to venture into the blogging world (which I guess you have, otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you?) then just beware of the fact that you are probably not seeing the whole picture. You are seeing exactly what the author wants you to see.


Anonymous said...

I love how open you are and how expressive you are, if only I could be as open and expressive as you. ;)

Ashley said...

Great post and so true. People regularly comment about getting a glimpse into another blogger's life ... it's just that though, a glimpse . The only part you're reading is what the author wants to share. I guarantee you every day is not as great as the days they post about. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Good point!! I have asked my DH several times if I am coming across as ME. He says YES. I don't want to be anybody else just me. That's what you get when you come to my blog.

I do visit blogs that seem to live in a different time. They are warped into a Jane Austin period that has them blogging in this language using words you wouldn't hear them speaking in a conversation. I think the word is presumptuous. (I know I probably spelled this wrong)
These I just roll my eyes. It's almost cultish if you actually look this word up in the dictionary.

I enjoy your posts. I think I am seeing you. Although I don't know your name, hint hint!

Delusional...great word!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I never thought of writing a perception of myself. But I guess that is what it is, when we take care of our blogs eh?

People are multi faceted, and it is impossible, YES IMPOSSIBLE to really know that person and to judge how they are based on their blog.

But it is interesting, that's for sure, to wonder :P

Ashley said...

I like your blog and if it's not the real you, I'll just pretend it is, ok? :)

Anonymous said...

It is the real LL and yes, she has always needed a straight jacket! ;-) If it isn't the real LL, she should get an Oscar because she would have had to put on a show all through middle school and high school and 19 years after graduation.

Anonymous said...

Hello!! If you would like the set of books for my giveaway I picked your name second. The other gal never responded. Send me your mailing address!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your post for the most part. I don't obsess over anyones blog, meaning that I don't think too much on who they "really" are. I think sometimes people struggle with all kinds of things but the Lord can still use them in a powerful way - who am I to judge. In this situation, I'd be more curious as to why your friend was so fascinated with the person behind the blog and how she came to judge who that person was. I'd like to think no one is so fascinated with my blog as to take to tracking me down to critique my strengths and weaknesses - and then to gossip on them.

Oh well, just my thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

I was fascinated because the blog was so outrageous and hilarious, so my morning ritual was coffee, her blog and lots of laughter between a couple of friends. The fact that so many people buy into her blog and literally go to her for every single thought they have or asking her how to live their life is scary. I have two other friends who read it as much as I do and felt the same way. Then, we discovered there were actual webpages that made fun of her blog. Then, other sites began to show she is a liar and we found some interesting facts ourselves. So, I simply stated to LL that don't feel so bad that you can't keep up, because there is nothing to keep up with!

Alicia @ said...

This is such a clever post! I never really thought about this much until now! I really hope that I come across as I am in real life, but its so true how anyone can make up their own personality online!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the other sites "make fun" of her blog so much as they intelligently refute her words. Since she doesn't allow intellingent discourse through her comment section. Her approach is simply "My way or the highway..." When she states her opinion and then later disagrees with herself even? --- she simply removes that post. Ask her about it. You'll never get posted AND you'll get banned from commenting on her site. --- Which I would have been anyway since I'm part of the Catholic Cult she so vehemently demonizes.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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~LL~ said...

Lesli said,

Mrs. Butler,


blog owner edited slightly. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Butler,

Hi I'm a Catholic lifetime friend of ~LL~ and Lesli. I don't know Candy. But I do know that she judges, condemns, and speaks with the voice of two headed serpent. You know as in 'I don't hate the catholics, but I do damn them to the pits of hell.'

I don't care how educated she is, where she chooses to live, how she bakes her bread, but when she CHOOSES to put her "life" out there in the form of a blog. She needs to realize that everythings she writes whether she deletes it 20 minutes later...still exists somewhere on the web. That's just the way it works.

There are lots of cults out there Mrs. Butler. And everytime you visit Candy's blog you perpetuate one. I will not continue to support any blog that links to Candy's hate speech.

I'm sorry but I'm done with it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

~LL~ said...


I didn't realize how offensive it was to you (and some others.) Either way, she is a recent "acquaintance" and you have been true-blue since FOREVER!!!! Friendship definitely counts for something, you know?

Love ya!