Friday, January 23, 2009


I do not like Obama.

So sue me.

I do not support many things that Obama does...such as the senseless murder (yes....judgmental word) of innocent babies.

So sue me.

Oh...forgot my disclaimer....some of you may not want to read this. It might change (or confirm) the way you feel about me.

I get frustrated when I feel I should sugar-coat and gloss over topics in my blog.

So sue me.

I'm REALLY angry with myself because, for a nanosecond, I considered a different blog to talk about "touchy" subjects....because I didn't want to sound judgmental. (I'm going to insert a question here......if it is my opinion and you classify it as judgmental, are you being judgmental to me? Or does it just go one way....cause I feel pretty beat up.)

Anyway, I'm angry with myself because considering a second blog totally goes against who I am...TOTALLY! But I digress.

I am a Christian.


I don't fall under certain religious/doctrinal/denominational holdings unless they go by the Bible and only the Bible. (Do you see how good I'm doing at controlling my "frustration?" Hardly any capital letters....and most of those are for names, titles and first letters in sentences. GO ME!.....Oh.....and cheers for myself :) ) But I digress again.

I pray for many people.....some Christian, some not, some not sure (by either myself or the topic of said prayers), friends, non-friends, Obama (even though I don't like him), my hubby, my children, other family, my property, my vehicles, my kids' teachers, my pastors, myself.....many, many, many people. And I don't do it to get anything in return. Yes....I selfishly pray for these many souls to be saved. I do it because I care about these folk and would like to see them in Heaven.

Does this bother anyone?


OK, so I really don't mean to be insulting to anyone. I can only imagine the comments that I will get......and won't get.

I try to be a friend. It's acceptable to say, "I don't like so-n-so, therefore, I have nothing to do with them." However, when I care enough to share something that I consider wonderful, moving, life-changing, helpful...whatever, I'm called judgmental, fake, harsh....(and I'm not just talking religion, but other things.)

I'm just tired. So tired.

I can already imagine the thoughts of a few of you. And to those I say this....these are not "fighting words." I'm not trying to tick you off. I'm not trying to start a debate. I'm merely trying to stop worrying about fitting into a "popular" mold. My ideas obviously aren't the same as yours....and that's OK. (Heh...I'm telling myself that more than anyone else.)

So....for the 4 to 5 of you who will continue to read, please pray for me. I'm having a hard time right now. Specifically, please pray that I continue, on this blog, saying what needs to be said...determined NOT by who might or might not get upset, but by my convictions.

God bless you ALL.


Catey said...

How do you really feel? ; ) Sorry-had to!

Love you-hang in there-keep on believing in what you know, and doing what you do for the reasons you know you do it. (did that make sense?)

((hugs)) You'll be in our prayers!

~LL~ said...

Oh, make me smile. :D Thanks!

Alicia @ said...

As far as I am concerned this is YOUR it not?! Then post what ya want!!! :-) I keep comin back!

Summer said...

I'm prayin for you girl! I know that sometimes it can be so hard to stand up for the right thing that is not popular. Just stand firm in your faith.... it won't lead you in a wrong direction!

Anonymous said...

It is your blog and you can say anything you want. We have discussed it in the past. I think where some get upset is that when they send a differing opinion in your comments, you won't post them. I have never had that happen, but I know some have. I know your response, "it is my blog and I don't have to post all comments" which is true. I just feel like if you post it that rebuttals should be welcome. You just have to live your life and do your blog how you want. You might lose friends along the way, but you know that and are ok with it, so you need to not worry so much about what you believe is right. A blog should not bring stress. Do I make sense?! I have been chatting with "C.F." all morning and my mind is swirling! I do enjoy it though.

Anonymous said...

You inspire me ~LL~, please don't give up and don't quit doing what you do best~ We love you and I will be praying for you.

R and R Stacy said...

There is nothing wrong speaking your mind. I wish I was bold enough to speak my mind. I admire you for that.
You are in my thoughts and prayers!

~LL~ said...

Thanks ladies.....just having to vent some frustrations. :) are right, there are some rebuttals that I do not post. Though sometimes they may be a blow to my ego, I TRY not to make that the deciding factor. I someone accidentally put in names, I tend to change them to keep it anonymous. However, if I feel the comment is more personal, vs blog related...or insulting (personally) or to other readers, I won't publish those. I don't mind people being wrong ;) ....(I'M KIDDING!) I just don't want them to be ugly about it. (I know, I know....that's the pot calling the kettle black. :) )

Anonymous said...

There is no right or wrong "way" anyways.

We all feel what we feel and that is that.

That being said, your blog, your voice. I may disagree with things but I don't bother getting smarmy or what have you, because I realize that our opinions are awesome rights that we are damned lucky to have.

Anyhoo, hugs to you. stress begone!

Matthew said...

First of all I don't think anyone can sue you unless you are being slanderous, which is very difficult to prove. Secondly, WHAT??? Yeah I think everyone is aware you don't like Obama, but my goodness he has only been in office since Tuesday, and with the banquets, dances, and Beyonce, Tuesday really doesn't count. I mean can't you wait for him to do something first, or did I miss something specific that he has done to make you so upset?

Well it is great you are at least giving him a chance?

I think when you raise the question of whether someone points out if you are being judgmental or not makes them judgmental can sometimes be the case, unless they are pointing it out as constructive criticism. To take offense to that only means that you are so defensive to someone's point (which is usually phrased in a very positive way) that you miss it entirely. For example your blog has a lot of wonderful information about home keeping, but sometimes this information gets lost or people could be turned off by a judgmental tone.

For me, I am no Christian, and prayers are always appreciated in that "wow I found an insurance policy that I didn't know existed" sort of way. But Jesus was not judgmental, preached against it, and I personally feel as though, in Christianity, was one of the sole purposes of him stepping foot on this earth. So for me when I hear that so and so is going to hell, or so and so's interpretation of the Bible is wrong, well I just look at it as that individual as missing a major part of their religion that they believe they are protecting.

As for Obama though, what has he done to make you so upset? He not only before his inauguration held a banquet honoring John McCain, he also met with the far Christian right, in which everyone of them came out saying how respectful he was of their view.

I mean look at the size of Joe Biden's Bible that he put his hand on. If size counts, Joe takes the cake. Of course that was a joke, because I have been preaching to my wife for a long time it is the motion of the ocean.

Anyway, take a deep breath, it is okay we are all friends regardless of our differing opinions. Trust me you are only going to rev yourself up all the way to June for the real face to face frustration. I plan on talking politics until the alcohol kicks in (which honestly will probably be from 8 to 9 am, so let DH get up with kids, and you sleep in. Then all you have to do is point and make fun of the stumbling drunkard).

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

Ha ha! This post made me smile! :) I'm sure some of this is about me as I have been very vocal in my love for President Obama. And I'm sure you won't want to believe it, but I feel the exact same way as you do- expect reverse, I guess. I feel like I can't really share my true feelings about the new hope I have for our country. I feel like other Christians will think, "If you're not with us, you're against us." You know what I mean? I feel like people will not think I'm a true Christian since I wholeheartedly support and voted for Obama. So, I promise you dear LL, you are not alone. I'm with you, although on the other side. ;) Anyway- as adults, I think we should be able to share our opinions without fear of backlash. Yes, there will be people who disagree, but I think as long as they keep it clean and mature, it's ok. You are totally in the right to not post ugly comments. Eh, I'm sure I'm just rambling on here, so I'll stop. hee hee. I'll be back tomorrow to link up to Make Your Home a Haven Mondays!!! Talk to you soon, dear friend!

~LL~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~LL~ said...

**I erased my own comment and corrected a few spelling errors....

Just a warning to everyone.....if you address Caleb, I'll have to break his comment into 2 posts (probably) and I don't have time to proof that much. So...beware...DON'T GET SUCKED INTO THE VORTEX!!! LOL!

And Obama doesn't have to be in office for me to decide not to like him. I disagree with things he has supported or is supporting...FOCA being a biggie.

"Motion of the ocean?" *hork* that is a visual that I absolutely counted on being without. Thank you....for messing up my rosie view of things.

You had better be borderline comatose when we see each other in June, I think that will be the only way I can take it. :)

Reflections in My Mirror said...

You are a blessing to many of us out here in bloggy world! It is a GREAT thing that you can speak your mind and share your thoughts. We are all different people with different beliefs and this is YOUR blog and you are FREE to post whatever you want. I am glad you have chosen to voice your thoughts with class and diginity. You are true to your beliefs and you should be proud of who you are. I am so blessed to read your blog and you have indeed touched my life! Keep it up.
Amy Q

Anonymous said...

you should blog with abandon, as though no one is reading, and take the comments that come with a grain of salt. I don't think anyone who reads would feel happier if you self-censored. How boring if everyone thought the same way. We're all judgmental, and I guess it sometimes gives new perspective when people get bent out of shape by something we say. It may inspire you to reconsider your beliefs or actions, and it may not. It's totally up to your gut feelings.

I will say a prayer for you...but it might be a Buddhist prayer! I think all prayers go to the same place and we're all not as different as we think. So, I welcome your prayers, too.--b

p.s. You don't have to like Obama.

~LL~ said...

B....LOVE it! I'm glad you are back in my life :)

zoinatt said...

{{LL}}I'll pray for you. I am actually with you on the Obama thing. I'm not to thrilled to have a president who believe in any type of killing of babies. But we have what we have at least for the next what 4yrs is it. We just need to keep praying that God helps him do the right things. Afterall God must've had a reason to have had him win right? Chin up and voice whatever opinions you like it's YOUR blog. Prayers headed your way.

Kaira said...

I have wondered about if you get negative comments before because you have said in other blogs that you anticipate them. I've only ever had a couple on my personal blog, very few - and I think I'm far more inflammatory than you ever are.

I so agree with you on your most honest, get to the issue kinds of posts. I love it when you actually tell how you feel about controversial issues :)

I've not been on blogger for a while now - needed a break - but yours is always one of the first ones I check. Thanks for keeping it real!