Saturday, January 03, 2009


I've been beat up. And I deserved it.

I need to watch how I blog. It's hard to let true emotions and feeling come out online. Using caps, dots, exclamation points....all of that can be taken for excitement, anger, alarm...or it can just look cool to the these dots, or ellipses.

Anyway, in my last blog, which I actually spent a bit of time on...with a lot of interruptions, loss of power (laptop, not house) and watching the Food Network, I came across as a bit snotty. AND for that, I need to publicly apologize.

My aggravation, during my blogging, was actually about my Facebook NON-friend, whom I did delete yesterday. That aggravation spilled over into my housekeeping section in which I made a snide remark about a friend....a REAL friend.

No, there is no need to go back to read it because I have deleted that part. I'm embarrassed that I stooped to that level, but more than that, I'm ashamed that I threw her under the bus like was not my intent, it was my "mouth" getting me into trouble AGAIN!

The site that I had been referring to...well, I know she doesn't like it. I know why she doesn't like it and I totally understand that. If I were ever "attacked" in the vicious way this lady seems to attack this group of people.... I do agree with some of what this writer says, but NOT in how she does it. I have had talks with my friend about this very thing, and we worked through it. Anyway, knowing my friend didn't like this one site, I removed it from my blog roll. I didn't feel pushed into it. But, you know what? If I can't do that for a friend.....well, that's just sad.

Now I digress...only 2 of you even know what I'm talking about now. my dear, childhood and lifelong friend, I apologize for that comment. It was uncalled for and I'm sorry it was put out there. That was pretty low of me.

*I still like my notebook, though. ;)


Unknown said...

No idea, but (((hugs)))!

Anonymous said...

okay I was kinda shocked that you threw it all out there, but I decided not to tear your blog up with it again and just say what I don't like about it on my own blog.

You have a right to write about whatever you want...and I guess I'm cool with it - sorta. ;-)

Anyway, Happy New Year!!!
See you in June?

Anonymous said...

P.S. I was only truly attacking Candy. Sorry you got bruised.

erica said...

I'll call you about this next week when the big kids are back in school... but for now, I wanted to say, "cut yourself some slack"! It's so hard to detect tone and intent through blogging, email and the like. We have to remember that and just give each other the benefit of the doubt. I never read anything that was out of line.... you know i would have told you:)

love ya!