Monday, September 28, 2009


So, so much.

There has been a lot on my mind, lately. Tonight, some things just kind of evened out for me.

Some things were new. Some things stay there for always....just rears it's head every now and again.

In case you didn't notice, I have stopped posting MHHM. I might pick it up again, but maybe not. I still do things, but most don't care, so....well, shoot, if I use that reasoning, I probably shouldn't even blog.

I found out some stuff about a friend. I don't know what she expected my reaction to be. I still love her.

I was defriended by another friend (seems kind of weird using that word, considering how this person obviously feels about me, but I - for some reason - consider this person such). It is because I know some stuff....some would say "who cares" or "it's none of your business." Well....I care, and because of some whom it indirectly affects, it is my business. I still love this person. (Remember this? Well, I value this person, but will not sugar coat the behavior. Oh well, what do you do?)

I have been doing some volunteer stuff for my church. It is hard work, and sometimes a bit frustrating. But, when we (as a church) do what we do, I love to know that I was a part of it.

If I didn't know that DH was shooting blanks, I would think I might be preggers. I have been really hungry the last few days and tired, tired! However, I was so fertile and we haven't taken any other precautions, other than the ol' snipperoo, that I know there is no "oomph" in his little swimmers.

I am on the list to start substitute teaching. I think it will be fun, though I'm a bit scared to be in a kinder or 1st grade class. (Or 2nd, 3rd or 4th, for that matter. LOL)

There have been a few confirmed cases of swine flu. Some people will freak, I'm sure.

There are a few blogs I read. One is a blog that I enjoy because of housekeeping stuff. She gets a bit religious. I don't mind....mainly because I haven't seen anything that is not Biblical. There is another I read because I'm just curious. A lot of her beliefs are not in synch with mine. She is a Messianic Jew. Now don't get me wrong. There is room for the Jews that haven't accepted Jesus, yet. She is an interesting read, but you have to read with a HUGE grain of salt. There is one that I have read a few is like a sad, sad train wreck that you just can't turn away from. I need to stop. It is not good for my spirit. All I know is that there are a lot of "pots and kettles" out there.

I have been baking a lot, lately. I should put it up on TMTT, but I have been lazy. There are 3 reasons that I have been baking. One is that the weather has been cooler and has been "begging" for pumpkin cheese bread, lemon cake, fresh blueberry muffins, banana oat muffins and yummy things like that. Secondly, it is good therapy for me. The 3rd reason, I'm not ready to get into. Two or three of you know, but that is all for now.

The obama crap is really getting to me. What really bothers me is that some of my friends (true friends) helped to put that man into his office. I still love these people, but I'm seriously praying the "spirit of slap" down on them. I'm now hearing that if you don't accept obama-care, you will be fined or face jail time. Now, as a disclaimer, I haven't researched this at all. It's just what I've heard. I've also heard that he wants to make the kids smarter by increasing the school day and the number of days we are in school. Well, HERE'S a the teachers more! Just a thought. All I know is that when the poop hits the fan, I can honestly say I had nothing to do with it!

Speaking of teaching, we are still not sure what is happening next year. My hope is that I sub a lot....pretty much every day DH is gone. Then, I can be homeroom mom to my #4. But, my paperwork is in, so I will be able to transition pretty easily. I have already talked to some key people. I expect to start getting phone calls soon. Well, actually, I have already had an offer as a long-term sub...before my app. was totally processed. I don't want to put #4 in childcare.

I am in the thick of the holidays and already feel the crunch. I'm behind on my notebook, however, my cards are coming along nicely. I have them about 1/3 done.

I've enjoyed doing my "Christmas Quote of the Day." For a brief, insane moment, I wondered if I would have enough quotes to get through all 90 days. Then I laughed to myself, "OF COURSE I DO!!!"

Walmart is a concern. Nothing Christmas yet. WTHck? Target, however, has it going on! Of course, there is Hobby Lobby and I will be going on Wednesday. I need a fix. I'm going with one of my BFs. Maybe my hubby will foot the bill for a real, sit-down lunch. If not, Chick-Fil-A will suffice. know that volunteer work I said I was doing? Well, I need to get on that.

I'll TTYL!


Kaira said...

So... hope I'm not the train wreck - but I feel like it lots of the time, lol.

As for that O stuff - I'm so right there with you and I'm royally ticked much of the time thinking about how these things will come down on my family. I'll stop there before I get rolling but I just get so angry about it.

I'm so wishing I could have more babies but we're in the same boat as you and it is the decision I most regret - and I've made some pretty bad decisions in my life but I really grieve this one. I am only 34 - I want more children. But, then when I look at the political climate and all that jazz sometimes I'm thankful. I try to have peace.

Well, I'll check in with you later - gotta run :)

Have a great week!!!

~LL~ said...

No, are NOT the trainwreck. ;) As far as more kids, I hear ya. I'm sad that I won't be having more. I loved being preggers and popping out babies. I would LOVE to have more babies, but honestly, don't know about raising more young'uns. :) Have a great week, friend!

Dana said...

And...I'm hoping I'm not the train wreck either. eek!

Funny you should mention you are on the sub list. I too am on the sub list in our district. I've gotten several calls but they have been at 5:30 am and I've just not answered! lol So, needless to say, I've not subbed yet. I hope to get a sub assignment soon though that will give me some advance warning.

Take care LL....

LRFK said...

Well, I know I am one small paragraph. My purpose in telling you things about me was for you to get a glimpse of the other side and why people do what they do at the time. Doesn't make it right on my part, but it felt like the right decision at the time. Just wanted to share because your blog hacks me off sometimes! ;-)