Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Many things I have in my mind to blog about, but as we just had Halloween, I figured I'd talk about that.

First off....we let our children dress up and we go trick or treating. Now, don't you go and hit your knees, bombarding heaven in an attempt to cast out any demons. There are none. We are God-fearing. We are not in a cult. We don't participate in any evil doings...nothing like that. We are like any other normal parent out there. We take our kids from house to house for one thing and one thing only: TO CONFISCATE THEIR CHOCOLATE!!!


We dressed the kids up....2 were Superman, 1 was a pirate and the other was asleep in the van! I drove beside the kids and the dad with the back of the van open. The kidletts walked from one lit house to the next. They trotted up yelling "Tik-or-teat" (the words of my 3 year old) and before saying "thank you" gave a Charlie Brown-like report of what they had received; complete with #2 son's statement, "I have a rock in my shoe."

We spent about 1 hour going from house to house. We had to dump the collection buckets three times, in the front seat, in order to continue collecting. We probably hit about 20 doesn't seem like a lot, but as every lot is at least 1/2 acre....well, there is some distance between each house. After about 1 hour, we made it home: happy, hyper and fighting hypothermia. It was a bit chilly.

We all gathered in a little huddle on the floor and dumped our booty to admire and sort. Being the good parents, we got rid of all Now and Laters and jawbreakers. Then we separated into semi-like bunches. Lollipops and gum are big we put those in a bag. Then we put all candies like: smarties, nerds, tootsie rolls and the like into a bag. This is the bag that, by next Saturday, will probably be forgotten and/or thrown out. Finally, we have a bag that Daddy has labeled "the meltables." These are put together to "keep them fresh." It also makes for easy acccess.

So instead of praying for forgiveness for taking our children out on "All Hallows Eve," perhaps we should pray for forgiveness for stealing their candy.

*This is a post that I first put up WAY back in 2006. Most is still true....we go out. I have 2-Spider Men, 1 Optimus Prime and 1 Megatron. (I'm so glad to have 2 superheroes present as the transformer battle that has already begun could get a little out of hand.) We still steal the candy. (Heh....if you are from TX, it sounded like you said the same word twice: "still" & "steal.")

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PotterMama said...

I agree! We dress up & trick or treat as well!
Can't wait for this year!