Monday, March 15, 2010


Kind of.

I mean, first of all, I'm late getting this up here. Secondly, there are no pictures to accompany this. And finally, it is a mental "Making a Happy Home Monday" instead of a physical improvement.

Yeah... it's more of a vent. A pity-party in which I will try to pull myself up by my boot straps and have a better night and tomorrow.

To set the scene, you need to know that it is Spring Break, hubby is gone and I still have stuff to do.

We started our first Monday, after the time change, just chillin'. Some kids were playing the Wii, one was on PS2 and the other on the DS. I was still on the bed going over grocery lists and coupons.

Lists complete, we headed to town. I made sure the kids were well fed. Even treated them to a DP. We filled up the FTU and drove through the car wash.... then we went to CVS. I was so happy to save almost half using ECBs and Qs.

Then, we went to Walgreens. The kids were a bit restless, but I was patient. This time of year, with storms ALWAYS a possibility... well, it really plays a role in how they act.

THEN, we went to HEB! I don't have a lot of good to say about that trip, except I tried a new blueberry Greek yogurt that I enjoyed.

#4 had a fall-apart on the way out the door... right in the middle of the parking lot. #s 1 and 2 kept blaming each other for getting into trouble. #3 was actually doing OK. #4 actually had to be spanked before pulling out of the parking lot.

Once we get home, the boys went outside, which was OK until #3 fell onto the handlebar of his scooter... right on his ribs, and will be pretty bruised up.

I made supper... a quick breakfast. Do you ever have the days when you lovingly anticipate, and take care of your children's needs and wants? It doesn't matter that they all holler their requests with the obligatory "MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!" They remind me of baby birds with their beaks open, while they chirp for their food. Except they are 10, 9, 6 and 4.

Today, there was no loving anticipation.... oh, there was anticipation, but it wasn't loving. I all but threw their drinks at them. I just wasn't in a great mood.... or even a good mood.

I know that the barometric pressure affects me, too. I just wish I handled it a bit better.

The thing that still has me in a funk is the mess in my kitchen. I will go through the house and have it in decent control. Then, just the act of all of us getting up, getting dressed and getting out the door leaves a wake, much like an F-3 tornado. :-/ I still don't know how it happens.

The problem with the kitchen is this: one of my counters is, what some would call a "Hot Zone." I am ALWAYS clearing it off. It is an issue for me. I try to clean the kitchen each night... unload clean dishes, load dirty dishes. Well, I did that.

Then, I went to the store.

I'm a stock-piler. (Is that a word?) I stock pile a lot of stuff, especially non-perishables. I got a little carried away. You see, I still have a lot of bags to be unloaded because I need to rearrange stuff.... and that makes me cranky. Not the rearranging. I LOVE puttering in the kitchen. I just have trouble doing stuff when ALL my kids are home. I am too busy playing referee.

SO, there is my spot that needs to be made happy.

What am I doing?

Well, I'm eating a supper of chips, queso and dill pickles. Don't knock it. It is totally a comfort thing for me.

My kids are in their rooms, playing, but NOT in here where I can hear the complaints.

I am blogging, eating and watching some recorded cooking shows. I will continue to sit and work on some lists.... having things written down helps me a lot.

So, there you go. Sorry I'm late.

I hope you will join me for Making a Happy Home Monday.

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