Monday, March 01, 2010


That is, if I remember how. LOL!

Do you remember, a LONG time ago, when I did this meme called "Making a Happy Home Monday?" Well, not too many people joined me and Catey. ;) AND, it will probably work out that way again, but I enjoy having something to blog about and having a "push" to blog, at least weekly.

The whole point of Making a Happy Home Monday is to take an area of your home (or FTU) and make it better. If Momma ain't happy, ain't NObody happy. SO, do something that will make you happy. I have SO much to do. So. Much.

I had a reader request this meme.... hope she joins.

I will not put up Mr. Linky as it causes me more troubles than not. So, if you please, add a link to a comment and let us see whatcha got goin' on.

For my day I'm working on my spring cleaning list.

Yes, I know that if I kept my house clean, there would be no need for spring cleaning. There are 2 reasons I'm doing the list.

First, my house needs to be worked on.... mostly the things that I don't think about until the sunlight hits it just right and I think "EW."

Secondly, I love lists. I love that they help me to feel like I'm accomplishing something. I keep lists all the time and everywhere. When the spirals go on sale (after the start of the school year) I get several and keep them open and running. One stays in my tote that goes everywhere in the FTU. One stays at my bed side. One stays on my table to remind me what needs to be done NOW.... you get the idea.

So, that being said, let's start. Shall we?

Following are just a few of the things that I'm thinking about. Please note that I will not list things like laundry because laundry is an everyday occurrence for me.

I would love to see your list. It will probably remind me to do something or other around here.

Spring Clean 2010

Baseboards (all over the house)
Vacuum the walls
Vacuum the ceiling vents
Clean (not just dust) the ceiling fan blades
Clean the light fixtures/globes
Clean out from under the beds
Clear out kids clothing, pass down or out and figure out who needs what for summer
Empty fridge and sanitize
Empty/organize deep freeze
Empty pantry: wipe down shelves, rotate stock, organize
Assess stockpile and take "near" expiration to food pantry
Clear out out-dated medicines
Start the "Great Closet Organization of the Decade"
Wash down outside of house
Clean windows
Clean out fireplace
Oil furniture
Wash comforters/drapes
KITCHEN.... holy smokes... my kitchen is a disaster.... rotate IN new bakeware and "retire" the old. Get rid *gulp* of things that aren't used... that is if I can part with it. :)

OK... how much of this gets done remains to be seen. I know that my hubby is reading this and laughing. He won't laugh in my face. He will smile, ask how much I expect to get done, shake his head and walk away, knowing how much I love to PLAN and MAKE LISTS! And then, he will offer to help with some of this. Right, Honey?

Alright.... share people!

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Laurel Santiago said...

For some reason I missed this one on Monday, but I did clear out a bookshelf that was literally STUFFED with books and papers. We don't have to have every single book out for school, so I piled them in a temporary box and got them out of site. I also put the Ab lounger in the living room so that we will all remember to use it while we watch TV. HOotie hoo!