Sunday, July 25, 2010


You might be wondering what
CHL (concealed handgun license) and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer have in common.

Well, frankly, nothing. But, I DID connect the 2 last night.

Let me explain.

When the power goes off in the middle of the night, there are a few things I do and think. First, I get kinda miffed as the house is going to get hot. I hate sleeping in a hot house. Then, I usually go track down a candle or 2, check on the boys, then lie down hoping the power returns soon. Sometimes, if it is stormy, I make sure that the batteries have enough juice to power my radio.

Now that I have (almost) my CHL, there were different thoughts that ran through my head. I was JUST about to turn out my light when we lost our electricity..... for 2 hours. :-(

My thought process is a bit different, now. It's not that I now know of all the bad out there. I knew it then. But, now I feel I have a bit more control over that. Aside from all the entertainment of last week's seminar, I did learn of the 4 stages of alertness. They range from not being aware at all through awareness, alertness and alarm.

I don't go through life unaware of things, but I would rather ignore a lot of the ugly.

They say (I don't know who "they" are, by the way) that you will only respond as far as your training. And, I find that is what happened to me last night. As soon as the electricity went out, I looked out the windows to verify it wasn't just my house.

I then made sure the doors were secure and that the alarm was still working. I lit some candles and placed them in the bathrooms in front of the mirrors and checked on the kids. Then I made sure the gun was accessible and magazines loaded. THEN, I got frustrated that it was going to get hot. :)


Keep your knickers on..... I'm getting to that.

So, last night while I was lying on my bed, hearing all the street noise, noticing how much my boys snore, I noticed something else.

One of the candles I had lit was a pumpkin spice candle.

Can you smell it? (inhales deeply)

So can I.

SO, one thing led to another, yada yada yada, and I found myself whiling away the time thinking about.... you got it..... CHRISTMAS!!!

And, as today is July 25th, it is Rudy Day... a day that we Christmas Crazies like to set aside as a Christmas prep day. Some reserve the 25th each and every month... but they go a bit overboard.... I don't. Much. LOL! No, I start right about now.

In celebration of July's Rudy Day, let me give you a breakdown.... just to get you adequately freaked I mean EXCITED about Christmas's impending arrival.

Today marks 152 days until Christmas.

The Great State Fair of Texas starts on September 24. That, to me, is the OFFICIAL beginning to the holidays (which include Halloween, Thanksgiving AND, CHRISTMAS!!!) We have only 50 days.... 50 days left, people, before the holidays!!!!

I want our Halloween costumes taken care of by the 5th of October. I already have mine and dh's planned. I will have to piece those costumes together.

I want to make my cards again this year. Need to get crackin' on that. I like to mail mine by December 5.

I have already started buying a few Christmas decorations. I only have 104 days until I actually put up our decorations. Yes.... November 5th..... 50 days before Christmas is when I will get my stuff up.

What have I done so far? and What am I doing now?

Well, so far, I have most of my address list complete. I also have a gift list started..... who to give to and what to give. By the way, don't forget your mail carrier and trash collector.

Hubby has instructions to look at the budget. Of course, he has to wait for my "proposal." Actually, he doesn't.... here was that conversation:

Me - Honey, I need to know how much money I can have for Christmas.
Honey - The budget. Stick to the budget. It's called "miscellaneous."
Me - Oh.... do you need a proposal for what I need?
Honey - You would love to do something like that, huh? That is right up your alley. If that is what you want to do, you go ahead.

So.... I guess I will just start purchasing now and hope he doesn't slam on the brakes when I haven't finished my shopping and cooking. :)

I am also writing down baked gift ideas, as well as other winter/holiday recipes I want to try.

SO.... that is how I went from CHL to Rudolph!


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Unknown said...

Oh Gravy! LL and Christmas ... the 2 go hand in hand!