Monday, July 12, 2010


I have several topics that I want to blog on. A lot of stuff is going on. I do want to take a bit of time and talk about what HAS gone on.

Before yesterday, I hadn't blogged since March. A lot has filled my time. There is no way I can go through everything. I don't even remember it all. I will try to give you the highlights.
Hmmm.... how to do this? I was going to go by month, but nah....

We had another field trip in school. I subbed quite a bit. I enjoy it... unless the kids are under 9, then? Not so much. My #3 had Kindergarten Graduation.... it was TOO cute.

DS #3 at Kinder Graduation
April saw my 3rd sons 7th birthday. We had a skating party.... SO MUCH FUN!
*I don't have pics from his party on here.... Sorry

In June, we had birthday parties for my oldest, who turned 11 and my youngest, who turned 5. My oldest, we had a bowling party. My youngest? We met some friends at Hawaiian Falls.

DS #4 (on the left) at his party, sitting next to #2 and #1

DS #1 Birthday party
June - my hubby took my oldest to NYC for a father/son trip. Before then, they went on an overnight (local) trip to discuss the birds and the bees. Now a lot of folk snickered that we were so "formal" in doing this. Whatever. My kids are going to find this stuff out from us, not the other cherubs out there whose parents didn't bother to teach.

DS #1 NYC trip
After that, my hubby and I went to the Hill Country for our weekend get-away. We love to go out of state... usually choosing a city I have never been to. (Though, I need to go to Boston a few more times before I'm ready for something new.) However, my hubby's step-dad and his wife.... (DH's mom has been dead for many years and his step-dad remarried, so this is the wife I'm talking of) Anyway, neither have children of their own. They wanted all 4 boys..... for a week.


Can you even know my anxiety? I was equally worried for the kids AND the in-laws. So, we chose that time to take our trip.... and stayed in The Great State of Texas.... down a bit.... close to Houston, where they were. I needed to be close enough to get to them within a few hours. Everything went well and we all eagerly await their trip to Papa's and Gram's next year.

Our get-away cabin
Remember JBQ? Well, my oldest 3 were in this last season and my 4th will be this year. My oldest and 2nd competed in our District competition.

#3 and his team at District JBQ

DS #1 at District Competition

One of our church's teams made it to Nationals. My sons' teams did not. However, the coach for that team asked my oldest to sit as back-up quizzer. So, my son was on our national team. Our team placed 13th out of 2,000 total teams. Now that that is over, my oldest is working on more awards, my 2nd is working on his Master Seal and my 3rd will, hopefully, get his 10 point seal this year.

DS #1 (far right) at National JBQ

Our summer has been spent taking short trips here and there... seeing grandparents, great-grandparents, swimming, Hawaiian Falls and Six Flags. We have, from today, only 5 more weeks of summer. SO sad.... SO SO sad that they will all be in school.

Well, I should go for now. I do have more to share.... my past weekend, the uniform issue.....

I'll be back soon!

Thanks for reading!!!


Alicia @ said...

It all sounds great LL!!

You and your hubby are doing a GREAT thing by taking your son away and eventually the others for the "birds and bees" mom took me away and then my sister later for the weekend!! I loved it. We will do it with our kiddos too!!

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea! Might have to "steal" that one. Love all the highlights of your endeavors!

Love ya, T

Anonymous said...

Robert spoke to my boys and I the girls!! I didn't let the girls see the public school version. I took them out of school and taught it myself!!