Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My hubby is awesome. He truly is.

He loves me. He loves our kids. He does a darn good job providing for us.

Yes, he is gone.

A lot.

He is gone 18 days per month. GONE! Not "working only 18 days." He is gone.... out of the house.... out of town.... out of the state.... sometimes, out of the country.... completely absent.... flying the friendly skies.

Sometimes, we don't speak each day because he is "roughing it" in the Caribbean or Bahamas or Alaska.... someplace his phone doesn't get a signal. Lucky duck. :)

He is good to me in that whenever he hears or sees a need of mine, he will do anything he can to meet that need. It should go without saying that any hubby does this for his wife, but after talking to a few about what I'm going to tell you.... well, this is not common, not common at all.

You see, I stay home with my 4 boys. They are now ages: 11, 9, 7, 5. My 11 year old just turned 11 within the last 3 weeks. My 5 year old? Within the last 6 weeks. So, they are still young and close together in age. And, they can be a handful sometimes.

Don't get me wrong. I adore my boys. I'm thankful for my boys. And, I'm TRULY OK that I have no girls.... in fact, I'm a bit thankful for that, too. But, sometimes, the noise and busyness of our days.... days with no hubby/father around.... days with no down time.... days with no break.... well, it is sometimes difficult to be the mother I should be when I am being pulled in so many directions.

So, one day, I said to my hubby, "I just need quiet. I need quiet and time."

He asked what I needed it for.

I told him that I appreciate the times he takes the kids to the movies, puts them in bed, or lets me sleep late. But, I need time to work on projects that I don't normally allow myself to do at home. Not that it is taboo, but there is always something else.... something more pressing. Like laundry. Forever laundry.

Hearing that need, because he is awesome and quite in tune with me, he put me in a hotel for 2 nights.... TWO NIGHTS!

Yes, my hubby is wonderful. He took all 4 boys for almost 48 hours just so I could go and sleep, eat, shop, watch TV, drool in front of the window.... whatever I wanted to do. I was close to home, so I didn't have any travel time. It was wonderful. I have asked to do this again... every 3-6 months. And, I'm sure he will set that up.

What did I do? I'm SO glad you want to know.

Well, the first night, I had a double date with my hubby and friends to go see "Eclipse." After, we picked the kids up from the sitter's and he went home with the boys and I went to the hotel. And I fell asleep. I awoke at 9:30. Nobody was in bed with me. The covers were as they should be. No dog was barking. Kids weren't bickering. No video games were on. Just. Quiet. *sigh*

I got ready and, as it was lunch time, I went and got a CFAST and a wrap. Then, (and I warn you... this is quite dull, but it was awesome for me) I

  • Picked out paint samples for my kitchen
  • Went to Ross (first time ever) and bought something orange... and 2 other items in colors I never have worn
  • Went to the library and took my time
  • Went to Mardel (a Christian book and teacher store), bought a book and browsed... do you know how long it has been since I have browsed?
  • Went to Hobby Lobby and bought all the ornaments for my kitchen tree... yes... ornaments.... ORNAMEEEEEENNNNNTTTTTSSSSS!!! (Sing in a high-excited pitch, opera-style) and planned some things I want to do for Christmas.
  • Found, quite by accident, a gourmet shoppe.... almost had a wreck craning my neck to see in the window before decided to stop... why did I stop? BECAUSE I COULD!!! WOOT! I had to pray through, though, lest I spend WAAAAYYYY too much money.
  • Went to see "Eclipse." Again. Alone. teehee.... I went to a movie/grill and ate chicken quesadillas while I swooned over Edwa I mean Jac I mean EMMETT!!!
  • Stayed up until 2:00 a.m. working on my Christmas card list and writing in the boys' journals
  • Slept until about 10
  • Watched the boys swim. (Hubby brought them to swim, then took them to a movie)
  • Got my toes and fingers beautified
*Sigh* SO great


Ibifiri Kamson said...

very nice day. i understand how you felt. sometimes everybody needs a day or two to themselves. and you have a wonderful husband. tell him i say thumbs up

zoinatt said...

Awesome LL that was so GREAT of him!!!

Anonymous said...

I read about your venture on FB! But I had to say you do have a wonderful man in your life!

Unknown said...

How sweet!!!

Angie said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! Husbands are the best!