Thursday, August 12, 2010


This truly is a busy time of year. It will be until... I don't know... Really, I don't know that we will ever NOT be busy.

The difference with this time of year is that 1) It is more organized and 2) We are gearing up for the holidays. (As you can see on my sidebar, we have only 19 weeks and 1 day until THE day.... get busy, people.)

The difference between my summer busyness vs. school busyness is that during school, I tend to be more organized... in fact, the beast that is our school-days schedule, is more organized.

During summer, we are constantly on-the-go. But, several things are spontaneous events (and if you have read hear awhile, you KNOW that I am ANTI anything spontaneous).

During school, we are constantly on-the-go. BUT, things are planned out.... certain things on certain days.... like the guitar lessons, karate lessons, soccer practice X 3, piano lessons X2, JBQ practice X 4 per day, homework.... I will find a way to fit it all in that puny little 4.5 hours we have between dismissal and bed. *sigh* Not quite sure how, but we will.

My days, when I am not subbing, will be devoted to housework, working with my kids' teachers, baking and.... yes.... getting ready for the holidays!

What does your schedule look like?

**Don't know why I chose to put my ugly mug up there..... it has absolutely nothing to do with my post. LOL! I was just looking for something and decided on this. This is a picture my youngest took of me on "Mouse Extraction Day."


Catey said...

Entirely too happy for mouse extraction day! lol

Thought of you yesterday....I was driving back to the hospital again and the radio was turned down pretty low. I had to turn it up because I thought "that can't be Deck the Halls that I'm hearing!", but what do you know, it was! It's not even the middle of August and they were advertising the Radio City Christmas Extravaganza that is touring this year and coming the last week in Nov. Too early for that! I'm still not ready for school to start! lol

~LL~ said...

LOVE it!!! And I love that people think of me when something Christmas comes their way!!!!


Unknown said...

I'm the same!

LOVE the pic of you. Your hair is so long. Beautimous momma!

Unknown said...

I'm another person who like to think/ plan ahead to Christmas and always think I@ve an ally in you ll ;)
Glad you've discovered my blog although its mainly crafts I put on it.

~LL~ said...

Thanks, Lisa... you are too kind.

Lynne... you might want to check out Lisa's blog (above). She has an etsy business and is also a crafter....